Imvu partnered with Unity

Imvu partnered with Unity

Imvu UnityThere is excitement in Imvu, the virtual world (or “social network based on avatarsas the company currently defines its platform) developed in 2004 in California which in recent weeks has partnered (the official announcement is expected this week at Unite Boston) with Unity, the 2D and 3D video games and interactive experiences development platform, to allow the 4.5 million developers using Unity to use Imvu’s avatar as characters of their video games.

A new API will enable developers to include Imvu customizable vatars in their titles, as well as on the web or in the app for smartphones. You will also develop experience in virtual reality, with the not-so-secret hope by Imvu that soon will be developed games suitable for 3D viewers such as those of Oculus Rift. Besides having a community of more than 140 million registered users, with 3 million logins every month (Second Life is at  43.3 million users, but, for a long time, does not release official data on the number of active users in the month), Imvu is known to have a catalog of over 20 million objects created by its users, with an average of more than 200,000 items sold each day.

Imvu Unity bisTo show what can be created with the new API (the characteristics of which are described in detail in the homepage of Imvu dedicated to the developers), Imvu already announced Hack With Me, which from September 23 to October 16 will allow some teams of developers, designers and entrepreneurs to challenge in the development of interactive experiences using avatars of the platform. What will be the advantages for developers arising from the new API?

First of all the avatars of the virtual world they are much improved in recent years and will allow more easily develop characters for video games. Then give developers a good visibility, as Imvu will launch a page through which you can buy and download the best app, while also allowing developers to make a profit from the app developed for Imvu. If you wish to know what other developments await this and other virtual worlds, continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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