Will come first PlayStation VR or No Men’s Sky?

Will come first PlayStation VR or No Men’s Sky?

Project Morpheus, wich meanwhile has a new name, PlayStation VR, in view of the commercial launch expected in early 2016, continues to be talked about for better or for worse. While it is growing the curiosity about the price (which should be in the order ofseveral hundreds” dollars) and the exact timing of marketing on different markets, including Italy, nevertheless there waiting to see what will be the launch games of Sony 3D visor.

PlayStation VRWe know that at the Tokyo Game Show (which will open Thursday, September 17) PlayStation VR will be shown with the demos of Danganronpa VR and Final Fantasy XIV, having already been shown at E3 2015 with demos such as those of Eve Valkyrie, The London Heist and Kitchen, but according to many the main problem it will be tied to the fact (at least initial) lack of playable titles in VR mode.

One of the most anticipated titles, which for many could be the perfectlaunching” game for PlayStation VR, that “No Man’s Sky” of wich Mondivirtuali already talked, seems to be intended to be made to wait a little longer, since Hello Games is engaged at the time to finalize the PlayStation and PC versions of the game. Versions that seem destined to be launched on the market before the PlayStation VR, maybe already for next Christmas even though at present there is still nothing sure.

No Men's sky panoramaCertainly if No Man’s Sky was the launching game of PlayStation VR and was released, at least initially, only for this platform, both the game and the Sony‘s 3D viewer could receive high attention, that the pre-launch of traditionalsversions of the game might at least partly burn. But only develop (or before) the version for PlayStation VR is likely to lose even more time to Hello Games, whose boss, Sean Murray, already said do not want to go too fast or set a precise launch date, in order not to further disappoint the expectations of players.

A prudent decision, because Hello Games is a team full of expertise but modest in size compared to major game developers (not to say of Sony) and it can be that prudence is rewarded at the end, since I do not always, in technology, who arrives first is awarded to the best commercial results of its followers. So if you want to know how it will end and when they will actually be available PlayStation VR and games like No Men’s Sky, you have just to continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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