With Pokemon Go Nintendo changes idea on virtual reality

With Pokemon Go Nintendo changes idea on virtual reality

Forget it: if until a few weeks ago, the top managers of Nintendo seemed to care little or nothing about the virtual reality, in short things could change. This Summer Nintendo of America‘s boss, Reggie Fils-Aime, explained to believe virtual reality little more than a display of pure use of technology, not suited to applications such as those related to the entertainment sector of the videogames, adding that 3D visors as the Oculus Rift or the Project Morpheus would end up isolating the user, not guaranteeing the social component of the games.

Pokemon Go screenshotThese days, instead, Nintendo seems to have changed his mind, annuouncing the launch at the beginning of 2016 of Pokemon Go, an app created in collaboration with The Pokemon Company for iOS and Android smarthones whose development over the past two years has been given to Niantic (formerly responsible for of the game in virtual reality Ingress before divorcing Google). Pokemon Go, which some say would be the last project developed by Satoru Iwata, visionary Ceo and Chairman of the Japanese group died at 55 last July 11, replaced at the top of the group from the Super Mario‘s “daddy”, Shigeru Miyamoto, would make it possible to play with te lucky characters not in the traditional way, but mixing video games, augmented reality and the real world.

Pokemon Go PlusEssentially, players must search the real world looking for Pokemon that appear on the screen of their smartphone. Trainers will also have available, in addition to their smartphones, one smartwatch with Bluetooth made by Nintendo and called Pokemon Go Plus, that will signal the Pokemon around thanks to a Led and a vibration. A preview of the game, which will be released worldwide, as confirmed by the presence of the same Reggie Fils-Aime at the press conference of presentation, you will have already this Winter with the launch of a closed betareserved for a small number of players who will try the app to preview, then it should follow the commercial launch early next year.

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