Minecraft Story Mode is coming

Minecraft Story Mode is coming

News are coming for fans of Minecraft: next Christmas season should see the release of Minecraft Story Mode, a new videogame born from the partnership between Mojang and TellTale Games, whose managers confirmed at Pax Prime held in late August in Australia that the game will be available for platforms PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Windows, Mac OS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita. To get a first idea of how it will be, here’s a short trailer.

Minecraft Story Mode aroused considerable curiosity from the start among Minecraft fan and insiders: TellTale Games, California company founded in 2004 by former employees of LucasArts, is in fact a study known for its narrative games, from the series based on the character of Bone (comic drawn by Jeff Smith from 1991 to 2004) to that of Sam & Max, rather than of CSI or of Games of Throne. Minecraft Story Mode Jessie

Combine the virtual world of Minecraft, by definition open, with a linear structure of storytelling it did not seem the easiest thing in the world but TellTale Games seems to have succeeded, judging by the reactions to the first demo, shown precisely at Pax Prime. The protagonist of the game is Jessie, an Endercon (of which the player will be able to choose the skin) who is going to find himself involved, along with his friends, in a chain of events that will leave his world suspended from a cliff. Creepers, spiders, skeletons and the most famous villains of Minecraft will make their appearance by adding action to the story.

Of course, for now testers have noticed some deficiencies: just you take control of your character you will notice the lack of speed, which ends up limiting the adventure since there is nowhere to go but forward and you can’t do it quickly. In addition the inclusion of family members in some mechanisms within the video game Minecraft creates some puzzles, as the fact of not explain the combination of stones needed to create a sword, rather than how to activate a Nether portal. All things that an experienced player of Minecraft knows but that a newbie might not know the risk of getting stuck.

Minecraft Story Mode Jessie & PetraThe sensation is that Minecraft Story Mode is an interesting attempt to bridge the gap between virtual worlds and classic video games and can be a good family game, but that has not been treated with sufficient attention be ending with a little too easy to really excite a gamer and maybe even a fan of Minecraft (of course the impressions are based on the demo that is circulating and therefore it is hoped that the final version provides a better game experience).

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