Virtual reality, real enslavement?

Virtual reality, real enslavement?

Play horror videogames almost real that will take your breath, literally. Or let you have spicy experiences pleasant as could be real ones. It’s the new frontier of virtual reality, that pending the ready the next generation hardware, scheduled for release on the consumer market over the next year, studies which can be the killerapplications able to break through to the mass market.

SL virtual realityThe answer was immediately clear: to persuade ordinary users, “non geekswho do not find attractive to spend hours and hours building or creating outfits for avatar in Second Life, né sono particolarmente attratti da socializzare a distanza tramite The Sims, or creating theri own world in Minecraft, you will need to make the virtual experience similar in all respects to the real one. You will want to be a banker? A Monopoly played wearing Oculus Rift 3D visor will make you believe it for the duration of the game. Do you wanna have a “hot” evening with the girl (or guy) of your dream? Wear a helmet, gloves and other tools to stimulate your senses and you can dream of having lived.

The satisfaction of basic needs in the life of an individual seems within reach, but something does not convince us still. Why should people pretend to be someone else? Why “live” a romantic adventure while sitting in your living room when you could and should go out and meet new people? Why socialize so basically passive if we can and we should do it actively? Who benefits from a generation that really Playstation simulators steps, not only to play but any experience, from the more fantasy as Sword Art Online creators imagined to the red light of which so many are willing to bet as a powerful “pushto the use of virtual reality?

NWO guidestonesSomebody reaches to resorting the old theory of the New World Order, of a world ruled by a fewchosen”, as a secret society destined then to take the reins of a one world government, that in order to carry out the project would be doing everything to enslave the majority of the world population through social media increasingly intrusive and pervasive. More simply, the need to control us so widespread so that we can sell all of the big corporations and their advertising may justify the interest with which the business world looks to this new technological“Graal”.

But if the virtual reality will be a good or bad should be its members, individually and in association, to assess it, don’t you believe? If you want to stay up to date on the developments of virtual reality, continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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