Do we live in a virtual universe?

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    No Man's Sky

    What if we all live in a greatt Matrix, a virtual universe, a Second Life so realistic that we  don’t need to fool our senses, to wear 3D visors as those of Oculus Rift? Il tema, ricorrente nei film di Hollywood, è da qualche tempo al centro anche di indagini scientifiche, alla base delle quali c’è la domanda, irrisolta, su cosa abbia dato origine al nostro universo e cosa ci potesse mai essere prima.

    Rich TerribleAccording to the American astronomer Rich Terrile, part of the group of scientists who have studied the images sent to Earth by the Voyager probes and thanks to this discoverer of several of Saturn’s moons, engaged for years in search of extrasolar planets, the idea is not so absurd, indeed. Terrible in July has made some surprising statements, explaining thata mysterious alien civilization keeps us trapped in a kind a digital captivityand that everything we doconsciousness, memories, feelings, are the product of a calculation code developed by a number of computers under the supervision of extraterrestrials”.

    Terrible seems absolutely sure of what he says, so much that points out a strange analogy: “The particles of which we are made can be broken down into smaller and smaller, until at some point we get to a particle that can not break down in any way”, basis particle, “to form all known matter” (which, however, it represents less than 5% of the total universe). This does not remember you anything, ask Terrile? “Does not remind you the pixels that make up the screen of a video game?It would seem crazy, admits the scientist, but this hypothesisexplain many things to which we are unable to respond” like destiny, dejà vu, but even paranormal “presences” like ghosts.

    No Man's Sky dinosaurOf course, the idea of Terrible is currently a provocation, but not so absurd: already videogames “can host nearly infinite universes” (like No Men’s Sky, which has already talked Mondivirtuali), notes the astronomer. “Imagine how it could be 10, 20 or 50 years if we try and calculate enough virtual memory every human being would be an artificial intelligence in a world that could be considered an artificial intelligence more powerful than we are”, that is something similar to The Sims.

    It is destined to remain aSummer provocation” or may be correct intuition of how the physical and the metaphysical universe can interact, Terrible‘s hypothesis is bound to be talked down to not only the fans of video games and virtual worlds, but also philosophers, scientists and followers of conspiracy theories, as well as those who believe that aliens exist and are among us for some time. If you want to continue to be informed on issues related to virtual reality and the mysteries of the universe, continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).