Palmer Luckey on Time’s cover

Palmer Luckey on Time’s cover

Anshe Chung BusinessweekVirtual worlds fans and Second Life users should remember when on May 1, 2006, during the media hype that brought the world of Linden Lab on the pages of all newspapers, Businessweek put on its cover an avatar, that of Anshe Chung (aka Ailin Graef), labelled it as the “Rockfeller di Second Life”. It was a way to make popular a phenomenon, that of virtual worlds, that seemed about to boom and change the entire web.

It’s been almost ten years, the web is very different but not in the way Philip Rosedale (who in the meatime left Linden Lab and is busy with High Fidelity trying to create a new generation of virtual worlds) had hoped and to promise miracles in the near future are now the 3D viewers that Oculus Rift and other companies are building, to allow the use of virtual reality content to a mass market.

To end up on the cover of Time, thanks to an article entitledWhy virtual reality is about to change the world” this time is Palmer Luckey, Oculus Rift founder and Ceo, depicted as he jumps barefoot in the background of a virtual beach wearing his visor.

Palmer Luckey TimeHopefully this cover (wich is not the first for Palmer Luckey, already on the cover of Wired and Forbes although “natural“) bring greater fortune not only to Oculus Rift but to the whole field of virtual reality than the cover of BusinessWeek ever gave to Second Life and virtual worlds.

Certainly initial response this time is less fideistic, with Mashable wich already wrote an article where it enjoys drawing less improbable covers. Not that for Italian users something have to change quickly, by the way, because while the rest of the world invests billions of dollars in initiatives related to virtual reality, in Italy we still have infrastructuralinvestment promises (12 billion euros for the ultra-wide band announces the premier Matteo Renzi, more and more like another tv-showman who for years has managed to promisea million jobs” to Italians without they have ever seen anyone).

Will the amazing news coming from the rest of the world to move the Italian little old world? It is not to be too optimistic but neither is the case of prematurely losing all hope. We will see and if you wanna see how it will end pu, you just have to continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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