Oculus Rift presented Henry

Oculus Rift presented Henry

Oculus Rift like Pixel: a few days agoo Oculus Rift premiered to the press, in Beverly Hills, its animated short, Henry, an adorable hedgehog who likes to hug friends. Too bad for Henry that being, literally, a thorny colleague this creates some problems ending up leaving Henry sad and without friends so that, as you can see in the teaser belowe, Henry has to celebrate his birthday alone.

Henry, however, is not a classic animated film in CGA, but a movie to enjoy immersive who must wear an Oculus Rift headset that carries you the colored tree Henry calls home. If a ladybug flies away, it will seem natural to follow it with your eyes (and you will able to do). When Henry expressed, alone, his desire to share his big day with friends, this will be achieved through six colorful balloons that come alive.

Henry festaIt‘s just a glimpse of what  Oculus Story Studio, launched last year at the Sundance Film Festival to develop virtual reality movies that demonstrate the potential of the technology that the group is developing, can do to see. In fact are five the projects to which Oculus Story Studio is working: besides Henry (and Lost, the first short-ever developed by Oculus Story Studio) there is already talks of Bullfighter to Dear Angelica, a short film that literally transports the viewer into an animated world and beyond.All five of the shorts should be ready by early next year, when the retail version of the Oculus Rift headset will be launched.

PixarThinking about it these shorts also seem designed to be more suitable for children than to adults or teenagers (which in theory should interest Oculus Rift). Who saw the premiere of Henry speaks as an emotionally engaging movie which knows to keep you on your toes as the best Disney and Pixar movies. Won’t it be that while waiting for breaking” in the videogames sector Oculus Rift has decided to launch a challenge as to the most important Us multimedia group?

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