Nintendo: Super Mario’s dad at the top

Nintendo: Super Mario’s dad at the top

Shigeru MiyamotoIt will be Shigeru Miyamoto, one of the most prolific and successful Japanese video games designers (they owe to him some of the most famous series produced by Nintendo, from Super Mario to Donkey Kong, from The Legend of Zelda to Pikmin, but also Star Fox, F-Zero and much more) to take the place left vacant by the sudden disappearance of Satoru Iwata, past video games developer who from 2002 has been visionary Ceo and President of the Japanese group (was his decision to focus on the Wii console), who died at age 55 on July 11 due to health problems.

Miyamoto was already the director in charge of Nintendo Entertainment Analisys and Development, ie the development division of Nintendo, and will be joined in this new position, as stated a note of the group, by Genyo Takedain turn, the author of the series of video games like PunchOut! and StarTropics and already  general manager of the Integrated Research division of Nintendo.

If the two brilliant Nintendo developers will be enough not to regret Iwata is hard to say, so that analysts now put their hands forward, stressing that it will be difficult for the new leadership to handle Nintendo as was able to do so far the former number one. Yet Miyamoto and Takeda have all the credentials.

Super Mario’s and Zelda’s daddy, for instance, is considered one of the fathers of video games and perhaps the greatest living designer of video games in the world, having started to work (at that time as an “artist”) for Nintendo in 1980 participating in the development of what would become Donkey Kong.

Super MarioFrom there to Super Mario, who in Donkey Kong was still called just “Jumpman”, the man who jump, for his ability to dodge the barrels thrown at him from the monkey protagonist, it was a short step.

Super Mario Bros was a target set, which revitalized the moribund (at the time) video game industry and gave him fame, and was considered the archetype of all the games that were developed as a result, not only from Nintendo.

The plumber of Italian descent Mario, created in 1981 (in 1983 there was the first appearance of his “brother” Luigi), over time has become the mascot of Nintendo, but originally he was just a substitute role of a character much more famous, Popeye, of which Nintendo had recently lost the license. Because of this, perhaps, his outfit remained for many years a secondary factor.

In the eighties Mario often wore suits completely blue or red, while the actual style (blue Salopette, red shirt, a pair of white gloves and a red hat with the letter M red inserted in a round white) was defined only a few years later by Yoichi Kotabe, who become official illustrator of the mustachioed plumber (which did not prevent him to define the style of characters as well as Heidi and Marco, as well as to work on the anime and films on the Pokemon).

Regardless of the initial role and its origins, this mustachioed little man named Italian liked and has much benefited the careers of Miyamoto: who knows if it will continue to bring him luck in the new role? If you want to find out and know more news about the world of video games and digital animation, you have just to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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