Sword Art Online now on Dvd Blue Ray

Sword Art Online now on Dvd Blue Ray

Good news for Sword Art Online fans: the light novel of Reki Kawahara, from which they had already been taken eight manga (already available in Italy as novels) and a first animated television series (“anime”) of 25 episodes, aired in 2014 on Rai4, has seen a sequel broadcast in Japan (but also in the US, France, Germany, Hong Kong and Korea) in 2015, dedicated to the story arc of Phantom Bullet (fifth and sixth volume of the original light novel).

Sword Art Online Phantom Bullet in Dvd Blue Ray

Now Phantom Bullet is also available on DVD Blue Ray, at least in America and Canada, thanks to Aniplex of America, subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan that deals with the production and distribution of anime and music.

It is not known for the moment if and when Phantom Bullet will be translated and distributed in Italy, and possibly transmitted by Rai4 or some other television channel.

The idea of online massively multiplayer role playing game

Sword Art Online 2For those unfamiliar with the story, Sword Art Online (Sao) is the name of an online massively multiplayer role-playing game (VRMMORPG), played by virtual reality viewers (the NerveGear helmet), that supposedly existing in 2022; thanks to NerveGear players can embody and control their avatar in the game directly with their minds.

Shortly after his inauguration, unfortunately, connected users discover that you can not disconnect if not reach the hundredth floor of the flying castle in which they are located, Aincrad, defeating the final boss. The problem is that if they were to die in the game, they would lose their lives in the real world, reduced to the plant, as explained to the stunned avatar creator of the game, Akihiko Kayaba.

Between avatars who hear the words of Kayaba there is also Kazuto Kirigaya (aka Kirito), one of the thousand beta testers who had had a chance to try the game in the preview, without damage. Eventually, Kirito will reach the goal to complete his game, teaming up with the avatar of a player, Asuna.

After two years of “lifewithin the virtual world of Sao Kirito configge Kayaba and wakes up without damage in the real world. Here he discovers that 300 players, including Asunaremained connected without it can be taken away from them the NerveGear.

From Sword Art Online to Alfheim Online

Sword Art OnlineKazuto/Kirito find that these players “lives” like prisoners in another VRMMORPG called Alfheim Online (Alo). After various adventures Kirito manages to win the final boss of Alfheim Online too, that turns out to be his own creator, Nobuyuki Sugo, that in real life wants to marry Asuna to take over the company of her father.

Sword Art Online ends with the defeat of Sugo in the real world at the hands of Kirito, but in Phantom Bullet Kirito after some time starts to play again and enters Gun Gale Online (Ggo) to investigate some mysterious deaths that are occurring in the real world.

Gun Gale Online and Underworld

sword art online underworldAssisted by a player named Sinon who acts as his guide in this new virtual world, Kirito identifies and reports to the authorities the perpetrators of several murders, among which there are also some former members of a guild of assassins he had faced and defeated in Sao.

In the third story arc (Underworld) Kazuto/Kirito will be hired to test the Soul Translator (Stl), a new platform of virtual reality even more realistic and complex in which mainframe (called UnderWorld or Uw) time flows thousands of times faster than real time, while the memories of Kirito of what happens inside are limited.

Eventually Kirito will be deceived by one of the assassins of Sao ending with the awakening within UnderWorld without being able to remember how he got there or how to log off. In the real world Kazuto put into a coma from which apparently fail to awaken more.

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