Which social media for virtual fashion?

Which social media for virtual fashion?

Sol Attls on FlickrLess talk and more facts, or if you prefer less text and more pictures and videos.

For everyone involved in the social media trend is clear for years and the flowering of visual content on Flickr and Pinterest (but also of users and traffic to these media) proves it.

Second Life fashion bloggers

They’ve also noticed manyfashion blogger” of Second Life, so that Monica Querrien in a post immediately taken up by tam tam of the network, noted that “once, being active simply meant if you had a Flickr account. Lately, it means having at least 500 viewsfor each image uploadedand the number of faves to go along with them”.

In short, as noted also by Sophee Mojo, a question arises: “Do you think SL blogs are on there way out?  Do you read them? Or have you navigated over to Flickr and given up your blogosphere?Bloggers, in large part, seem to believe that for blogs in general and for those of (virtual) fashion in particular there is still a reason to be and probably is it.

Alexlaa AllenBut if you want to gain attention (and advertising) from fashion companies also only virtual, you must be aware that a blog written only for your passsion has no chance of emerging in the wide “sea of internet.

Then in the same way an album on Flickr that you animate only occasionally with some image, or networking for personal entertainment only, will get lost among the millions of possible alternatives.

Finally of course a personal profile on Facebook too has no particular attraction for the more than 2.2 billion users on that platform at the end of 2018 if you do not care so professional, enriching content more and more interesting.

Social media are entering their maturity

The underlying truth, I think, is that social media are entering a phase of maturity and they tend to become at the same time platforms from which you can not be excluded, but where it is not sufficient to be present, if you want to emerge.

Nayra CollasYou have to produce contents, as much as possible visual, but you must also increase the degree of engagement of your fans or followers.

But you must also thank them for their favs, as well as propose to your images (or movies) and a good selection of contents from other users (photos, movies or discussions).

Last but not least, you have groped to quickly leverage the interest that these platforms are able to create and direct it just as quickly on your events (runway shows, concerts) or on your promotions.

That said, they still serve the blog? I believe serve only if and to the extent that you are willing to manage them professionally. Otherwise there are certainly many other hobbies, games and pastimes that engage.

For me between work, writing for several websites (particularly Mondivirtuali.it and Fanwave.it), family and some other small entertainment, I can not actively manage my personal blog, reserving that space for some personal reflections that can not have space elsewhere.

What do you think? In the meantime enjoy the pictures taken from the group of Mondivirtuali on Flickr and if you want to be informed about news that are emerging on virtual worlds and other social media, keep following Mondivirtuali.it, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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