Second Life celebrates SL12B

Second Life celebrates SL12B

SL 12B cakeSecond Life celebrates 12 years and celebrates them, as has become tradition, with a festival that mixes live music events, art exhibitions and photo contest.

The latter, announced by Linden Labrequires participants use an avatar as Velociraptor available free until the end of July (but to participate in the contest, which provides for prizes between 10,000 and 1,000 lindens tousand for the first four classified, you must send your photos by 20 Julyand then take pictures to your dinosaur intent on celebrating Second Life in the way that will stimulate the imagination of virtual photographers as long as you follow le competition rules.

SL12B festivalFailing to tell you every single events, I suggest you visit the usual exposurewhich in truth tends to run a little wearily, as format, each year ending with look more like a chaotic universal expo rather than a “themed” exposition,  even if for many years it has been indicated a theme every time (but not this year, unless you want to be understood that the theme is “what SL meant for me” the basis of a project that is involving some machinima creators).

SL12B train DuCasseDespite the usual complaints (by those who have tried to visit the installation immediately after the official opening) I did not find too much lag during my visit, despite the sim were all animated by the constant coming and going of visitorsIf you wish to go without fail, among many (perhaps too many) installations spanning 15 sims there are some Italian artists as Solkide Auer, Mistero Hifeng, Livio Korobase or Giovanna Cerise which certainly are worth a visitas well as those of other artists such as David DuCasse (already seen at work with Mysterious Wave).

SL 12BYou can find more information on these and many other installations in the SL12B community blogIf in addition to Second Life you are interested in general virtual worlds, virtual and augmented reality, digital art and more, continue to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube). SL 12B stars

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