Minecraft plus HoloLens means augmented reality

Minecraft plus HoloLens means augmented reality

The recent passage of Casey Hudson from Mass Effect to Microsoft  oversee the development of HoloLens and new games for Xbox had already made it clear how much Redmon company has taken seriously the challenge of virtual reality.

Minecraft Hololens E3 2015But if anyone still had doubts, Microsoft took advantage of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) 2015 to present a preview of how it could be a version of Minecraft specifically designed for augmented reality ofHoloLens.

The HoloLens allow it to display Minecraft in 2D on any surface you want, like a wall or table, but also let you view a 3D version of the blocks world with which you’ll be able d also interact with other players, whom as you can manipulate the environment in which they are immersed, show hidden items and enable new voice commands and capabilities in creative mode.

Minecraft Hololens E3 2015During the demo at E3 2015 it showed a live gameplay of Minecraft with HoloLens which made it clear to all present as large are the potential of virtual reality and of 3D viewers in the field of play especially if conjugated to virtual worlds where users are able to create new content, as precisely Minecraft.

Judge for yourself from the video if the future of these platforms do not herald exciting for the full development of the technologies of virtual reality and increased reality.

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