Venexia farewell

Venexia farewell

Baal Zobel edreams factoryVenexia goodbye: the sim created, as Golgothica, Kingdom of Sands, Midiam City and other famous Second Life island hosting role playing games, by eDream Factory Llc of John C. Falgate (aka Baal Zobel) and Paola Cerioli (aka Kora Zenovka), is going to close.

June 16, 2015, will be the last day in which Venexia, wich like other sims created and managed by eDream Factory was built around a proposal for a role-playing game (RPG) using the Socionex Gaming System (SGS) developed by the same firm, i.e. an hud (heads up display) that facilitates the fighting with meter and other functions of RPG, will be visitable (by everyone, not only by the participants in the role play, of course). Kora Zenovka edreams factory

Venexia is inspired in name but very different (more gothic and dark, in some ways similar to that seen in the episode The Vampires of Venice of the sixth Doctor Who season) from the real Italian city, Venezia, of which it partially reproduces some monuments mostly modifying details and textures, as well as insert elements entirely fanciful as secret crypts graves of vampires or demonic sculptures, useful for those who want to take part in the role-playing game set in the sim.

Venexia satanicaOpened in November 2011 (it was one of the last sim enriched with great architectures built before the advent of the meshand renewed in 2013, Venexia has seen in years donated voluntarily by its visitors 139.497 linden dollars, that is to say a few less than 500 euros, sign that the work of Baal and Kora was appreciated.

Venexia skeletronBut over time, as happened to other sim that housed RPGs, he has seen a decrease in regular players (you could choose from five different roles: Cainaanite, i.e. the original vampires of 2011, Lilitu, a demoniac vampire race, Jakaal, i.e. venexian Licans, in addition to Paesani and Borghesiaand it went looking like a ghost town, except for the occasional presence of some casual visitor or virtual photography enthusiast.

Suggesting to go and see for yourself the sim as long as you can, we propose to follow a gallery with some of the most interesting, waiting to see, maybe on Mondivirtuali group on Flickr your works. VenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexiaVenexia

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