Selfies, some little tricks

Selfies, some little tricks

Selfie Anita ArmendarizSelfies mania is growing and even in Second Life users go wild.For some time now if you look at groups like Mondivirtuali on Flickr or similar, virtual photos of avatars which are clicking a selfie are becoming less rare. Like a game of mirrors that reflected in other mirrors, users of virtual worlds like Second Life, but not only, enjoy to photograph their own digital alter ego busy making selfie to himself/herself and to others avatar, just like in real life people are taking them more and more and of all kinds, from the most romantic to the most provocative.

Yet the easy realization does not guarantee the quality of the shots. So to avoid wrong selfies, real or virtual, we point out ten mistakes to avoid when taking selfies (or photographing our avatar taking a selfie). They will not be enough to make every shot of yours a photographic masterpiece, but at least you will avoid the risk of realizing embarrassing pictures.

Selfie Sylvia KoonzHave you taken a spectacular pose? Good, but beware of classic nuisance in the background that could ruin it with some rude gesture

If you want a shot selfie be careful not to end up in a photo of someone else behind you, the result could be embarrassing

If you are a boy/girl and want just to “make faces”, close the door of your room. Your parents could come at the climax and have something to say

Let a passerby take a selfie is quite common, especially if you are in some exotic location. But get it done to your child, especially if you are scantily dressed, is not really good

Taking selfie is fun, but sometimes you can have funny or sexy ideas while at work. Delay: an executive might pass just as you click

The bathroom is very popular as a location, especially if you want to take a wicked selfie but be sure of have well cleared surfacesHandkerchiefs, underwear or worse do not value your shots

Selfie Babigio BellicNot always taking selfie in bathroom: there are those who assume a diva pose while on the street. But if you have a beggar in the background the effect will not be the best

Sometimes mommies young and sexy not resist the idea of clicking a few sexy selfies. Nothing wrong with that, but if your child enters the room could have a shock

Forget also all previous warnings, who we are to judge your selfies basically? But let us give you an advice: Avoid postures that make you do look like idiots

Of course you can always make your head, if you think you are great photographers or supermodel emerging. But at the risk of getting tragicomic results.

If you are curious about images that can be made using your avatar and the graphics editor of virtual worlds like Second Life and beyond, you have just to follow, even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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