High Fidelity hires Bailenson and Perlin

High Fidelity hires Bailenson and Perlin

High Fidelity is hiring

Even High Fidelity (company developing the homonymous virtual world, now in alpha with 40 domains and a first marketplace already online) is hiring.

Following the recent stream of announcements of hiring of managers, experience game designers and software engineers by Microsoft (for Hololens e Xbox) and by Oculus Rift (subsidiary of Facebook), even the startup founded by former Second Life’s daddy”, Philip Rosedale, welcomed the entry into its staff with the role ofadvisor” of two “heavy weights” of the sector as Jeremy Bailenson and Ken Perlin.

Who are the new experts High Fidelity Perlin Bailenson

Perlin in particular, is an expert in animation and facial expressions while Bailenson is the director of Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab where he studied how humans communicate and perceive others as avatar.

All right, but the doubt remains that won’t be enough to hope that immersive virtual worlds with no games’ rules are in themselves an environment that users will want to take in mass.

It is enough to see how things have gone so far. Second Life has greatly improved over the years the quality of its avatars and of the interactions between them and the virtual environment in which they move, but has never been able to get more than a million active players or 65-75 thousands as concurrency.

Which one will be the winning model?High Fidelity Alpha Homesteads

On the other side Minecraft where the forms are only cubic and graphic details necessarily lower was adopted from a base of over 100 milion players.

The question of what will be the role model for the next generation of virtual worlds is therefore legitimate, as it is legitimate to doubt that virtual reality, despite the efforts that so many large groups are doing to what concerns the hardware devicescan never become ade facto” standard of future internet.

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