GoPro ready for virtual reality

GoPro ready for virtual reality

Even GoPro will enter in the virtual reality sector: the Ceo fo californian famous “wearable” wich in June 2014 debuted at Wall Street (at the moment the stock is around 57 dollars compared to24 dollars of the Ipo price), Nick Woodman, announced it in a conference organized by Re/Code site.

GoPro droneWoodmann explained that GoPro wanna launch drone models wich should come to market in the second half of 2016 and along with them is developing a device (the“six camera spherical array”) allowing six GoPro with 6k resolution to record images from multiple views at the same timeThe images can then be mounted using the Kolor software (that the same GoPro bought in April) to make virtual reality movies.

Movies that can then be enjoyed by both devices for augmented reality as the Microsoft‘s HoloLens (rather than 3D viewers like Oculus Rift and its main competitors) both through mobile devicesAll very nice, as well as recent statements of Philip Rosedale (already “daddy” of Second Life now busy with with High Fidelity) that in the world there are now enough broadband connections (about half a billion of more than 2 billion existing Internet connections) to give birth to a “3D internetwhich may eventually replace the current network of two-dimensional sites.

GoPro done bisThe question that remains unanswered is however: what will be the “killer application” or content able to induce worlwide users of internet to abandon their sites and social network-dimensional to enter all, wielding 3D viewers, drones and GoPro, in a virtual world shared in the network in which to produce, share and exchange 3D contents? At the moment there still seems not to be this need, although some think that the adultcontents or games might boost enough to ramp up the dream of a virtual world as big as the real one.

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