Rothenberg Ventures, is the party here?

Rothenberg Ventures, is the party here?

Rothenberg MikeWe have already had occasion to speak of Rothenberg Ventures, American venture capital firm that recently seems to have focused heavily on startups interested in developing virtual reality technologies. Rothenberg has been in these days “discoveredby the great world financial press too, for instance with an article of Bloomberg in which are described, in addition to the luxurious party and happy events in the course of which Rotherberg It is used to make presentations by startupper to potential investors, also and especially the rich network of relationships that the 31 years old Mike Rothenberg attending Stanford University and then an Harvard Mba, built.

To be true, while Bloomberg explained “who is” Mike Rothenberg and wondered how he manages to maintain a staff of about 25 people when many venture capital firms, especially as his own specialized in seed capital (ie the financing of the early stages of life of a startup), have smaller staffs and have an obsessive attention to cost cutting, Rothenberg Ventures sent a mail to “family and friends”, including (and probably much of the press worldwide), where it explained the results achieved so far.

Rothemberg VenturesRothenberg, explained the mail, helped 10 startups, among 66 currently in its porfolio, to raise over 275 million dollars of additional funding. In details Robinood (an app for trading through smartphone) raised 50 millions, Planet Labs 118 millions, ZenPayroll 60 millions, August 38 millions, Luxe 20 millions, Bustle 15 millions, Sols 11 millions, Reaction Housing 10 millions, Mancrates 3 millions, DroneBase 1 million, while Fove gained the target to rais at least 250 thousand dollars thanks to a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

The Rothenberg’s network “it’s growing at the speed of light”, “grow faster than we can, thanks to the support of the founders, leaders, investors and allies in our mission to change the venture capital. We are grateful for the contribution of our community and are proud of our team to be recognized as thought leaders and industry experts”. Among the latest startup participated by Rothenberg there are also InsiteVR (committed to developing a software to import 3D models in virtual worlds) and Wanelo (a mobile e-commerce marketplace for “millennials”).

Rothenberg Venture startupsIn particular, the Rothenberg‘s email remembers the 13 startups in the industry of virtual reality that participated in River, the acceleration program of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) thanks to which startuppers “attended and showed their latest technology to hundreds of participants in the Founder Field Dayand invites all those interested to contact, submit their ideas andshare our knowledge and our excitementabout the incredible possibilities that the future holds for those who dare to believe.

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