Minecraft, safe as a castle

Minecraft, safe as a castle

Another patch for Minecraft that by mid May 2015 released version 1.8.5, a new patch that, as explained Mojang itself, removes, as happened with the previous patch 1.8.4 released just in mid April 2015, some additional vulnerabilities of the game (due to a bug it was possible to crash the game servers remotely), so that your Minecraft becoming safe as a real castle, hopefully.

10 gorgeous castles in Minecraft

Even this new patch is of course compatible with all Minecraft versions 1.8 and the Mojang’s advise is to upgrade your game “as soon as possible”. Now that your Minecraft is safe as a castle, we decided to show you a gallery with the best castles ever made by users of the famous “sand box gamebought in September 2014 for 2.5 billion dollars by Microsoft.

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