Altberg presents Project Sansar

Altberg presents Project Sansar

Ebbe Altberg at SVVR 2015Ebbe Altberg, Linden Lab Ceo, is sure that the virtual reality will feature, as already happened with platforms like Second Life, user-generated content. Speaking at Silicon Valley Virtual Reality Conference (SVVR) Altberg, short hair and black shirt Steve Jobs like, reiterated some points:

the new platform to which Linden Lab has been working for about a year and that for now has the code nameProject Sansarwhile the final one is yet to be determinedwill not be called SL2.0, to avoid confusion with Second Life, which being still“healthywill remain active for several years next to the new platform;

. both “Sansar”, which will open “to a limited number of first users” this summer, both Second Life are and will be fully compatible with 3D viewers like in particular Oculus Rift (eve inf in Second Life “users experience is not the bestboth because of some technical limitations of the Linden Lab’s platform and of the continuous development of 3D viewers);

. “Sansar” unlike Second Life will be a platform “easier to use, fully scalable” and in which will be “easier find contents” that in Second Life often it is hard to find, contents that may be designed and implementedin large scaleie to be consumed by tens of thousands of users simultaneously and not from a few hundred people.

Ebbe Altberg on Project SansarAltberg, also answering questions from the audience, said that already now in Second Life there are exciting contents and activities ranging from RPG (like Insilico) to historical reproductions (as Berlin 1920), from meetings between people all over the world to creativity in fashion, art, customization of avatars and virtual environmentsAll this still generates a Gdp of about half a billion Us dollars a year inside the platform and last year generated about “60 million Us dollars of earnings for users”, some of which recorded revenues of some “hundreds of thousands of dollars” selling contents inside the platform.

Numers that Altberg think will grow again with the new platform, which would present fewer costs for users compared to the current and enable them to attract traffic to their activities in a much more significant wayThere are also a number of problems in Second Life not completely solvable thatSansarhopefully won’t have: time frame rate is not sufficient to work with the most efficient devices, there are problems in the contents sometimes suboptimal since the users do not always know how to optimize them to better respond to the specific platform, there are compliance problems, for instance in the use of lindens, the virtual currency that can be converted into dollars, euro or any other currency in the world.

For 13 years we await the development of virtual reality, now it is coming and we will be ready” concluded Altberg. We of hope so highlyleaving the video below the duty to let you know the details of the Altberg’s speech (for instance on the business models of Second Life and of “Sansar”).

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