Eve Online, 12 years of space battles

Eve Online, 12 years of space battles

CCP Games logoWhen you talk of Iceland you usually think of the financial crisis in 2008 that caused the collapse and nationalization (to avoid the default) of the three major banks in the country, a sharp depreciation of the Icelandic krona and a severe recessionYet some Icelandic companies were saved by the crisis, as Crowd Control Productions (CCP) Gamescompany founded in 1997 by three friends, Reynir Haroarson, Thorolfur Beck and Ivar Kristjansson, in Reykjavik famous for having developed, not without teething troubles, the science fiction MMORPG perhaps best known in the world after World of Warcraft: Eve Online. Eve Online 12 anniThis virtual world, launched May 6, 2003 (so nearly two months before Linden Lab launched Second Life and before the same WoW, launched November 23, 2004) and still evolving, is set in a distant future, the 7,703 AD, when humanity has started traveling regularly in space and colonize the Milky Way. The Eve Online game scenario, called New Edenis composed of tens of thousands of stars and different planets (there are currently over 7,500 interconnected star systems) and it is inhabited by about half a million users from around the world that explore and fight together every day online. Eve Online charactersBefore joining Eve Online, each player must make a series of choices about the look and abilities of his/her avatarWhich character it should look like? Which competition it has to take part? It has to have shoulder-length hair or shaved? Not to mention piercing, tattoos or scars and around the various clothing and equipment for every missionContinuously improved over the years, today Eve Online offersnewbiesa welcome area, the captain‘s cabin of a spaceship, a room quite dark but has a full-length mirror in which everyone can admire your avatar newborn. Eve Online Rookie ShipMuch better than before, when you were thrown on a spaceship offered free to newcomers (the “Rookie Ship”, different depending on the faction to which you had chosen to belong) which, however, had a flaw: it was the least powerful of all and could easily be demolished by enemy fire, which almost always took place in a matter of hours if not minutes of play. The basic rule of Eve Online, then as now, is that in space are all waiting to hear you scream. Eve Online economyEve Online is in many ways is a hostile environment, as the space to which it is based, where you can wait and admire the lights and colors of the atmosphere, observe the passage of distant planets through clouds of space dust, but sooner or later you’ll have to start thinking about how to make a living in the galactic space because every new ship that will want to buy or build you will not pay for itself: economy, in Eve Online, is “player drivenand uses a virtual currency, the Plex, which worth currently 19,95 euros. Eve Online worldJust like other games and virtual worlds, also Eve Online is studied by researchers intent on creating models politicians and economists interested in testing financial models. In a world where every single bullet, exchange, friendship and betrayal can be monitored by measuring the impact on the rest of the system, Eve Online and virtual worlds have offered a new way of understanding the evolution of social systems of the real world. If these worlds intrigue you, you just have to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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