UP: the house exists and is for sale

UP: the house exists and is for sale

UP - the houseThe 3D computer-animated adventure comedy-drama movie UP, written and directed by Pete Docter and Bob Peterson in 2009, winner of  two Academy Awards in 2010 (Best Animated Feature and Best Original Score), it’s among the most successful movies of Disney-Pixara romantic story loved by audiences all over the world which in addition to the beauty of the 3D graphic were impressed by the imagination shown by the characters. But a few know that the story of the grumpy old man, Carl Fredricksen, It is not totally invented but is inspired by real events that saw an elderly woman protagonist of Seattle: Edith Macefield.

Apart from the change of sex of the protagonist, just like Carl even Edith refused to leave her home, in 2006, despite an offer of one million dollars made to her when the area in which he lived was bought to build a large shopping center.

UP - the real houseUnlike Carl, who in UP thanks to thousands of multi-colored balloons in the film manages to move with all his house near the Paradise Falls, in Venezuela, Edith continued to live until the day of his death in his own home centennial, around which was actually built a shopping center.

The opening of the will, the old Mrs Macefield reserved a final surpriseshe had in fact referred to as the heir of his beloved home Barry Martinie the construction manager that led to the construction of the giant that now surrounded the small house and she did, as she left written in the will, to give Martin a tangible sign of gratitude she felt for him, who had demonstrated an understanding of the emotional bond of Edith with that house and had never forced her hand so to sell.

UP - the real houseSome years after Barry Martin resold the house, and after the film Pixar had become somewhat famous, to a real estate agent, Greg Pinneo who settled his business there. Unfortunately for Greg business did not go well and the related taxes on the property were not paid, so now the house that inspired Up to the market with the auction formula,  as reported by Immobiliare.it, to whose kindness we have the two images of the real house belonged to Mrs. Macefield.

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