Raglan Shire leaves InWorldz

Raglan Shire leaves InWorldz

Raglan ShireLast few weeks to take a look at Raglan Shireone of the best-known regions of InWorldz, virtual world hosted on the OpenSim platform. Raglan Shire, founded by Zayn Till (user active in Second Life also), was present in InWorldz since June 2010 and it had to develop around the “Great Tree” a community of “tinies” fans whom gave birth to a role-playing game but, at least according to the words of the same Zayn, in recent times has gradually turned off.

So “even if it is sad, the sim really hasn’t been utilized and I’d rather not continue to accept donations just to make tier if this is the case”. There is no controversy over the words of Zayn who rarther thanks “the founders and people behind the scene make Inworldz fantastic”, as well as “Etheria, Oceanoz, Liandras, Teal, Caleb and all the folken who helped bring the tree to life as well as maintain it. You are all amazing. It was glorious. But “in last few yearsinstead of serving to grow a community more vibrant, the same simhas felt like a lonely museum with the occasional visitor or activity. This is probably my fault for not being involved the last few years”.

Raglan Shire bisIn an interview with Bixyl Shuftan Zayn explain better: “In the nearly 5 years I kept this sim on the Inworldz grid, I watched as the initial concurrent log ins which started at around 125 when I purchased the sim in June of 2010 grow to about 275 log ins concurrently at the current date. That’s just not growth. Second Life, which has been dwindling, still has concurrent log ins between 35,000 and 60,000 at any given time although I am no fan of Linden Lab”. What will happen in InWorldz May 15, last day of existence of Raglan, “may be happening in Secon Life Raglan Shire. Perhaps this will serve as a reminder that nothing should be taken for granted”.

Wise words, that should make anyone think, and most who have tried and still try to use the virtual world for a purpose that goes beyond what a playful, but did not include a strong action plan and adequate resources. Nothing in life is to be taken for granted, much less the permanence of a sim in a virtual world, or a web site. If you want to discover other stories of virtual worlds and its user community, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it e su Paper.li and also on Youtube).

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