Pianeta Segreto: how does it work?

Pianeta Segreto: how does it work?

If you are following Mondivirtuali.it, or if in general you love free virtual games, it is probable that you have already noticed the advertising of Pianeta Segreto (literally Secret Planet, ed). What is it?

Pianeta Segreto, what is it?

Pianeta Segreto clientPianeta Segreto is a software managed by Coolspot Bv Netherlands which is just a virtual world, a 3D chat in which you can use also  voice, where you can register for free.

Then you have to choose your avatar, subject to confirmation by entering valid email where will be sent the request for confirmation of the account.

It is possibile to choose to became a “Vip” users, i.e. to pay (for 20 euros a month), but whatever you are, “basic” or “Vip”, you’ll have the ability to edit your profile as you like in the same way.

Pianeta Segreto, pick up your avatar

Mucize OrgamUnlike social networks like Facebook which for years have been conducting a real profiles hunt to avatars and fictional characters, on Pianeta Segreto users profiles can be totally fictional, based on the personality of your avatar, i.e. of the character which will take part, for you, at the “role playing” in Pianeta Segreto.

Pueblo SecretoYou will be able, eventually, to enrich and modify the profile, of course, so as you can change the clothing of your avatar, and if you like it, keep an eye on your Raysportfolio, virtual money used on Pianeta Segreto to rent properties (all users receive a free one, called Zaby”, but may decide to rent others), mobile items, special attires, admission fees to the clubs, and so on.

Pianeta Segreto, how to earn Rays

Love City 3DYou can earn Rays with social actions in Pianeta Segreto (and in profiles), where each user can choose to engage in various activities, or through donations by other users, but can not be converted into real currency.

Being “Vip” user allows you to do the same things as basicusers except to pay (in Rays exactlythe entrance to some clubs and to become asexy seducer” (upgrade restricted to adult users).

By the way: to “login” in 3D world of Pianeta Segreto you have to download a client (“WWWSetup.exe”) whose screen is very reminiscent of those of Utherverse and in fact, once logged in, you will find that Pianeta Segreto and Utherverse are close relatives.

Pianeta Segreto, why is it so similar to Utherverse?

Baixo CitadeThat is because Pianeta Segreto is a franchisee of Utherverse, as well as Baixo Citade (Brasil), Love City 3D (Russia), Pueblo Secreto (Spain), Mucize Ortam (Turkey) and Virtual Planet (Hungary) and then all these virtual worlds uses the same client and the same 3D graphics platform of Utherverse.

If you still have doubts, as well as recommend you to read the other articles on Mondivirtuali dedicated to Utherverse, you can refer to official FAQ or even to the forum http://pianetasegreto.24x.eu.

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