Martin Beck’s super heroes

Martin Beck’s super heroes

Who would not like to be, at least once, a superhero? Some make use of virtual worlds such as Second Life where you can create your own avatar as seems best to you, assuming the appearance of any real or fantastic character you want, or more simply recreating  you according to ourinner self”, maybe 20 years younger and shaped like a model.

Martin Beck superheroes - FlashOthers just need a costume and a little imagination to revive even just at a party, or carnival, the role of hero who, as children, we have deeply impressed.

Martin Back superheroes - BatgirlSuperheroes and common people

Here on Mondivirtuali we have already shown to you the Sacha Goldberg’s superheros in costume in addition to the cosplayer portayed like superheroes and movie characters by Antti Karppinen, but this time we want to show you something really different.

Normal people, living among us, portrayed by Martin Beck in the role of superheroes more or less improbable but no less authentic (indeed).

The idea of the Scottish / South African photographer, currently living in Dubai, for years famous portraitist but also attracted by the world of rock music and films, is that we all can be heroes.

Martin Back superheroes - SpidermanPoetical portraits

Sure, maybe his Flash will not exactly lightning to fix machines, his Batgirl will be a little overweight and his Spiderman seems more coming from a domestic quarrel that from a fight to the last knock out with some supervillain.

But his couple of elderly Superman and his lady is extremely poeticlike his Ironman that everything appears to be less than a playboy billionaire, while “missCapitan America certainly does not seem the embodiment of the American dream as the Marvel character to which she is inspired.

Martin Back superheroes - SupermanWe all can be superheroes

Martin Beck’s images make a collection of 20 portraits, put on display and sold at Middle East Film & Comic Con 2015 between April 9 and 11, 2015.

With this project, the photographer wanted to humanize the superheroes, because “despite our flaws and failurs, each of us, in our own way, can be heroes to our family, our friends, our collegues and we all have the potential to help others. My heroes are regular people not restricted by race, religion or beliefs. They live among us, they surround us, they are everywhere. Everyone is a superhero”.

Martin Back superheroes - Capitan AmericaIf you liked Martin Beck’s superheroes, as those of Antti Karppinen or Sacha Goldberg, and you wanna see more, continue to follow even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on e su and also on Youtube).

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