Antti Karppinen fantastic world

Antti Karppinen fantastic world

Since there are professional tools for photo editing virtual worlds are between us in a way sometimes imperceptible but constant.

The workd of Antti Karppinen

Take for instance the work of Antti Karppinen (and of his studio, Alias Creative), Finnish photographer who lives and works in Cardiff and it claims to belong toa new generation of image artisans, to whom all things are possible” and who loves to create “complex visual concepts and images with unlimited imagination”.

You have to have a lot of imagination to create a virtual world (“your world, your immagination” was the original motto of Second Life, do you remember?) but Antti certainly is not lacking, whether it be weddingphotos or wanna be “superheroes” posters.

Antti Karppinen wedding alternative perspectiveIn the first case just take a look at “Wedding Alternate Perspective”, already among the three finalists World Photographic Cup of this year precisely for the weddingcategory.

Alternative perspective

What about the portraits of cosplays that interpret superheroes (or supervillains) and characters of the most successful films? Would take too long to explain the secrets of each photo, which you can still learn about visiting Antti site, so here’s a small selection of the best images of superheroes and fantastic characters created by Antti Karppinen – Alias Creative.

Enjoy our gallery

Enjoy and if you’re curious to see other images created by the new digital artists, continue to follow even through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on on and on Youtube).

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