Too much virtual worlds? DigiWorldz will select them

Too much virtual worlds? DigiWorldz will select them

Digiworldz logoDigiWorldz,  is a 3D platform for online communities of New York fonded by Terry Ford, Michael Sietz and Mark Wiseman specialised in virtual worlds on Opensim HyperGrid-enabled, that even having opened its doors recently has already ready to be rented, at 8 dollars per month each, 500 regions with a maximum capacity of 15,000 prims and 50 visitors at the same time.

It is a very competitive price, since usually with 8 dollars a month you obtain regions with 5,000 prims. Also because of this, probably, DigiWorldz already managed to put online over 300 regions, 95% fee as confirmed in an interview one of the three cofounders and current Cfo, Michael Sietz

DigiWorldz, a portal to other virtual worlds

DigiWorldz, which we propose to you, below, a filmed review bye Adam Time, is currently used primarily by individual users (although there were a few companies but they don’t use the Opensim platform for its social aspects, how to test some prototype application, or create derivative products, perhaps in anticipation of the launch of their own virtual worlds) and hosts a selection of HyperGrid ports  tested every day and that direct users towards quality content across the metaversein addition to presenting a selection of great HyperGrid destinations published every month in the grid and on its website in the section Discover The Metaverse.

DigiWorldz, like some other virtual worlds hosted on Opensim (or “grids”), provides in particular filtereddestinations, namely that only allow certain content to leave the grid (egfull perm” contents), or only to a certain class of users to exit the grid to connect to other grids on Opensim, or even only to some access to the filteredgrid.

This type of set-up make is used, among otheras already noted by Maria Korolov on Hypergrid Business, by grids like Kitely, Great Canadian Grid and 3rd Rock Grid, the latter founded in early 2008 by Terry Ford, who then moved the company after the mourning the tragic loss of his wife to illness  (Terry then returned to help the development of 3rd Rock Grid in 2012).

Digiworldz platform

Virtual worlds need directories and portals?

It would seem then that within OpenSim you are recreating, on the initiative of individual companies, the number of instruments, like the “guide to destinations” which have long characterized Second Lifeconfirming that if on the one hand the possibility of creating (and exchange) freely contents free or paid that is one of the forces that make use of virtual worlds by content creators, the need for users to have access only to a selection of the same remains high.

This is not surprising, if you think that it is like the web dominated” by Google and its online researche or by social networks like Facebook (with its own algorithms that select almost naturallywho and what each user can see in your stream of content) works.

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