InWorldz celebrates 6 years online

InWorldz celebrates 6 years online

Began March 27 and will end April 2 celebrations for the sixth anniversary of the birth of InWorldz. 

Inworldz celebrates 6 yearsThis is a virtual world developed by InWorldz Llc, New York company founded by Beth Reischl (aka Elenia Llewellyn in InWorldz), John Arnolde (aka Legion Hienrichs) and David Daeschler (aka Tranquillity Dexler) on the opensource application platform Opensim.

In mid-March Opensim had 323 active virtual worlds (“grids”) for a total of 57,941 sims, with over 30.800 monthly active users on over 433 thousand registered users.

Inworldz celebrates 6 yearsInWorldz with its 6,445 active users resulted, according to the data reported by Maria Korolov on Hypergridbusiness, the most “popolated” virtual world.

Probably the celebrations marking the sixth anniversary (whose theme isCommunity then and now”) can help to further climb these numbers.

If you’re curious about the calendar of events that have been programmed, you can find it in the InWorldz forums, just there.

For all those who wish to take part in the events “in world”, here is a “taxithat will bring you directly to the InWorlz Event Scenic.

Here you will receive a welcome and find information relating to all the over 40 sims you can go to visit. There are from those that expose digital art exhibitions to those dedicated to role-playing games. Definitely you won’t be spoiled for choice.

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