Zuckerberg bets on virtual reality

Zuckerberg bets on virtual reality

ZuckerbergThe web is becoming always morevisual”: those that were previously forecast for insiders are rapidly becoming a direct experience of millions of users around the world and now even Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, explains from his profileThere’s a clear technology trend enabling people to share richer and richer content”. Five years ago, explained in his speech at the 2015 edition of F8, the world conference of app developers, organized and run by Facebook in San Francisco (more and more high-tech startup capital) March 25 and 26, most content on Facebook was text, “Now it’s photos” and “fast forward five years and it will be video”.

A similar trend can be seen by anyone on Twitter and Google Plus (not to mention the growing success of Pinterest, social media entirely devoted to the visual content), but there’s more: for Zuckerberg following videos it will be immersive content like virtual reality” and for that Facebook (which just a year ago bought Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars) is gearing: “Today at F8 we showed how News Feed will support “spherical video” – video where you can change your viewing angle and feel like you’re really there”.

F8 developer supportFor virtual worlds, meant as proprietary platforms, like Second Life, Imvu rather than Utherverse or Opensim, the challenge could soon be to survive a Facebook increasingly omnivorous andimmersive”. But for all those interested in virtual reality or augmented reality, the future looks increasingly attractive, whether you plan to build it by developing apps and devices, or you prefer enjoying it, using products and services that Zuckerberg and his competitors (from Google to LindenLab, from Samsung to High Fidelity) will try to launch in the coming years.

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