Widerun raise funds to merge fitness and VR

Widerun raise funds to merge fitness and VR

Merge gaming to fitness: the idea is not new, and perhaps you will remember that on Mondivirtuali.it we have already spoken of an app, InShape, developed by InWorldz Llc  to “keep in form” both your real body and your digital avatar. But now a startup from Trento (Italy), Widerun, decided to stat, from March 17, 2015, a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise funds to continue the development of a “bike trainerconnected to a virtual reality (VR) device so as to engage the time without boredom.

widerun demoA 3D preview of the prototype is viewable Widerun site which also provides some indications of the functionalities that the product should have. First it will not necessarily be applied only on gym exercise bikes, but can also be applied to your bike (provided with wheels between 26 and 29 inches), with a simpleplug and playsystem. Moreover, the product (that still does not have a trade name) will be compatible with more VR reality devices, from Oculus Rift Dk1/Dk2 to Samsung Gear VR, from Seebright to Sony Morpheus, since the market for such objects is rapidly growing.

Then if you tire of VR devices you can connect the Widerun product to the screen of a laptop or a television, while the mechanics of the product promises to provide a full” and without lag or latency response, so as to satisfy fitness enthusiasts for whom exercise is important and not only those who want to spend a quarter of an hour without much thoughts. Behind Widerun there is a team of excited guys: the three co-founders Alessandro Scipioni, Tiziano Piccardi and Riccardo Avanzi, along with Jasmin Mair, Daniele Genovesi and Niall Bellabarba (but among those who helped to develop Widerun are also mentioned the designers Inès Le Bihan and Matteo Martin).

widerun SFIt is unclear at the moment what purpose should aim Widerun in terms of fundraising and how long the campaign on Kickstarteror if the company is already over in the radar of some business angel or venture capital fund (but having already made some demonstrations in San Francisco during an “happy hours” of Rothenberg Ventures it would not surprise us).

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