Gundam is still fighting

Gundam is still fighting

Gundam RX-78Year 79 Space Era: Side 3, the space island farthest from the Earth, self-appointed Principality of Zion, declared its independence and tried by force to subdue all the other space islands. A terrible war is so broken out between the Confederation of space islands and the Principality of Zion. The fighting, in just the first month of the war, caused the deaths of more than ten million men and are already eight months that the war drags on with no winners or losers”.

If in 1980 you were guys like myself you have already recognized: it was the opening of each episode of Gundam anime series, over the years become one of the most successful franchises in the world, not without some troubled beginning.

Gundam, revolutionary series but with troubled beginning

Gundam CloverIn Japan, in fact, the series created by Yoshiyuki Tomino, considered revolutionary for itsrealism“, was not initially successful, so much so that the original sponsor, the  toys makes company Clover (failed in 1983) asked for the cancellation after the first 39 episodes (even if the production was still able to finish 4 more episodes for a total of 43 cartoons, instead of the 52 initially provided).

To be successful was necessary waiting for a new producer, Bandai, realized not only toys but also real super detailed plastic models of Gundam and all other protagonists of the series of Sunrise (which for years did not allow the further commercialization of the series, in whatever form, in Italy, not having VID – Video International Distributors paid at the time the licenses).

The Gundam boom makes Bandai happy

Gundam catalogue 2013The “Gundam planetis among the most profitable for Bandai, with a boundless catalog and a turnover ofGunpas” (Gundam plastic models) that nearly 20% of the total for the Japanese, with a trend in recent years has been growing again: 60,3 billion yens (44,7 billions just for the plastic models, the remainder thanks to toys) in fiscal year 2011-2012, 81,7 (65,2) billions in 2012-2013, 94,6 (80,2) billions 2013-2014, 72,8 (54,9) in the first nine months of the fiscal year ending in late March, with estimates speaking of 93 (70,5) billions by that date).

If you prefer, in euro means that Bandai grossed in these latest 4 years respectively 460,58 millions, 624,05 millions, 722,58 millions and 556 millions (with estimates in late March of 710,35 millions) for a total of over 2,5 billion euros.

But stop with the numbers and let’s see some pictures of the most spectacular models of Gundam outstanding, not before having reported which were built even real size statues in some Japanese and Chinese theme parks and that Clover toys are among the most sought after by collectors around the world.

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