A passion for memes

A passion for memes

#thedress memeIf in recent days you have been involved from the fateful questionwhat color is #thedress” (which incidentally is royal blue and black, as confirmed by Michelle Bastock, the stylist who has designed for the brand Roman, which has now put itback in the catalog for 50 pounds), you already know what is a meme.

For those who do not know this terminvented by ethologist Richard Dawkins in 1976, indicates a basic unit of human cultural evolution, an idea similar to a gene which can replicate, evolve or die, undergoing a selection in culture similar to that genes affected in the biological

For bloggers around the world, however, memes have become synonymous with quizzes, challenges, and new surveys that people spread on the web making them moved from one blog to another. Social networks, online communities and virtual worlds see periodically appearing, spreading and passing away of meme.

Memes are popular also in Second Life

Strawberry memeAmong the users of Second Life, for example, a blogger like Strawberry Singh launches a regular basis, every week, a new meme strong graphic, since it requires, for those who want to spread the meme itself, the creation of themedimages that can go from reproducing movie characters through avatars and environments in Second Life (creating a sort of virtual “cosplayers”) the representation of the main problems that users encounter in theirsecond life”, from facing themes such as love, death and resurrection until more technical aspects such as the “numbers” of your avatar or the technical specifications of your computer.

Strawberry, like many other Second Life “residentsand in general virtual worlds users, is also present on many social networks and virtual communitiesso often her memes intersect with those launched from time to time by the different platforms as  Flickr, Deviantart or Second Life itself, perhaps unwittingly contributing to the evolution of memes themselves for subsequentcontaminations”.

Do you like memes or not?

Deviantart memeOf course not everyone likes the memes (how many of you rather than answer the question about the colors of #thedress said “stop it, I can not take it anymore!thus refusing the meme?), but the internet is wide and so are virtual worlds and online communities it hosts and so lovers of memes coexist peacefully with those who hate them.

At Mondivirtuali.it we consider memes (whether they are songs, photographs, digital images, movies, chain letters, jokes and catchphrases) the “pepper” of the web and in most cases we like take part and disseminate. But what do you think?

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