Google censures Blogger: stop to hot contents

Google censures Blogger: stop to hot contents

avatar censoredDo you create or appreciate “hot” contents, no matter if real or virtual? Soon you may have to give up your favorite entertainment: Google has announced that from next March 23 will be censoredadult” contents created through Blogger (platform controlled by the famous search engine that manages the contents of the Blogspot blogs network). The thing could have some fallout of an industry still thriving both on the web and on Second Life, thatprecisely, of the specialcontents which, as you may have guessed, are not one of those that you would let your grandmother to see but which continue to be richly present on all major social media, whether they be Flickr rather than Tumblr, or Twitter.

Specifically, Google will hide outside (ie will only be reached by the author and administrators of the blogall the blogs that continue from that date to proposespicey” contents rather than simply, as hitherto, to hide them behind a page warning the user that is going to seethat” kind of contents asking for confirmation of the intention to continue beyond. No content of those already online will effectively erased, but all will be made private, so only accessible by people that its author has decided to appoint administrators (with all the risks of the case). For “prohibited” contents which were published after March 23 is not excluded instead we can get even deletion.

luciana censoredThe only exceptions could be made (but we are in the area of discretion, as already happens today, for examplefor publication or not of Adsense advertising banners) in the case of content deemed to be of public utilityor those of an artistic or scientific. While probably Utherverse rubs its hands, at, where to be “compliantwith the Adsense rules è already touched review from top to bottom the contents both text- and graphics of the portal (having been judged initiallynot suitable” even an article of mine), comes to ask whether this censorship makes sense and to what extent.

But then the censorship will be applied (only for Blogger / Blogspot or even more services controlled by Google as GooglePlus or Youtube?) rigidly even in the case of virtual photos and other content created by many artists of Second Life, Italians or not, right now that “spcicy” type has been largely cleared through customs by the mainstream media from television and cinema?

Could it be that in the end is a way by Google tomeet”  the growing demands for preventive censorship of uncomfortablecontents by undemocratic regimes, but economically increasingly important, as China or Saudi Arabia (a list of countries that mostly censor the web you can find it here)? If you want to know how it will end, or if you want to express your opinion, comment and continue to follow, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on and on, as well as on Youtube).

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