With LegoX virtual reality is a game

With LegoX virtual reality is a game

Gravity SketchTry a surgical operation on a three-dimensional model of the patient before the patient himself, draw virtually a new model of car or tool, simulate in a room the environment of a future space exploration, get customers to the inside of the project related to their brand new building. These are just some of the possible applications of the latest applications of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) like Gravity Sketch designed to interact with wearable devices like Oculus Rift viewers or Microsoft Hololens, rather than immersive 3D virtual worlds.

But before you even think about “business” uses, Gravity Sketch developers team seems to point to, once again, on the ludic sector. So here’s the latest innovation in terms of VR / AR is called LegoX, a software which allows to realize 3D digital constructions starting from “physical” bricks. In practice, your son will be able to create with his Lego (Duplo or) its construction LegoX favorite and it will create a digital copy for his tablet. As Gravity Sketch, LegoX bridges the gap between the real and virtual worlds, making the design moretactile”: building not only beautiful to look graphically but also “touchable” in real life and viceversa, relying on the desire of each of us to play with our toys (not necessarily only by children).

LegoXHow does LegoX work? Basically the bottom of each brick has a sensor and a gyroscope, that enable individual pieces communicate with one another and with the software, whereby each time a brick stack above the other this is displayed on a tablet in real time. Once you have the digital file is then possible to modify it for example to remove the protuberances from bricks, smooth edges, add windows, change the texture and look to get to the virtual version of the real construction toy to a machine, a tool or a building.

The project is still in the early stages and Gravity Sketch team should still be able to build customized electronic components that can be added to the Lego or Duplo bricks available at any toy store. There also are those who wonder whether such software really has its uses as already designing software using digital 3D graphics. According to the developers, however, there is much difference between exchanging digital files via e-mail or even change to a video image 3D graphics and be able totouch with handsand add each time a new brick (literally!) to the building, as you can see in the video below.

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