Over 300 virtual worlds on Opensim

Over 300 virtual worlds on Opensim

Inworldz 2015Good news for Opensim, which according to the latest monthly ranking curated by Maria Korolov for Hypergridbusiness saw active virtual worlds on its open source application platform get to the level of 303, for a total of 56,667 regions.

A success that you should certainly inexpensiveness of the platform, the costs of hosting start at a minimum of 5 dollars per month compared to 300 dollars a month for a Second Life‘s sim.

Most of these regions allow the use of “teleport” system (“hypergrid“) to switch from one to another, just like in Second Life (with some exceptions: 4,093 regions are on “closed gridie allow access only to owners, while 52,555 are on “open gridthat is freely accessible by anyone).

Always according to Maria Korolov to the success in terms of new virtual land made available, also corresponds to a strong performance of new user registrationsthe total would go up in January to 423,893, of which 25,620 actrive in the latest month (in Dicember the number was still under 25 thousand), a number which, btw, remains a fraction compared to the population of “residentsof the Linden Lab‘s proprietary platform (according to Gridsurvey’s numbers the total number of registered users in SL is now over 41.17 million, of which from 30 to 50 thousand connected simultaneously during the day) and that remains the core of mistrust by many paid content creators, about the start of their own business on Opensim.

Metropolis 2015Certainly, as the low costs allow many educational and cultural projects to realize its facilities or entire virtual worlds on OpenSim for a fraction of fixed costs that would pay on Second Life, the number of active users on a monthly basis can be distorted by the presence of many of these institutions and projects.

However, it remains the feeling that untill the interest in virtual worlds in general, maybe thanks to the gradual mass adoption of 3D viewers as Oculus Rift (to whose technology also OpenSim is fully compatible), will not rise again, the range of Opensim will remain more limited than those, already not huge, of Second Life, also because it is the management of a virtual world and the time commitment that this require the real barrier that keeps away the bulk of users (that are not necessarily creative and/or artists) and companies (“virtual” or “real” you want) from such technology.

Anyway here’s the list of the five most active virtual worlds on Opensim in the month of January 2015: as they say well begun is half done.Avination 2015

  • InWorldz: 7,645 active users
  • Metropolis: 3,502 active users
  • Avination: 1,625 active users
  • Craft World: 1,009 active users
  • Kitely: 1.,003 active users

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