10 questions about Second Life

10 questions about Second Life

Taking advantage of the exhibition organized by Snieper Siemens in Second Life, open until May 21 next at Lea17, dedicated to the history of the Linden Lab‘s virtual world, we offer you a little quiz for you to discover some curiosities. The correct answers can be found at the end of article, but do not peek! SL quiz question 11) The first prototype of the virtual world created by Linden Lab was called: a) Half Life b) Lindenworld c) The Rig SL quiz question 22) The first “beta resident” of Second Life, in 2002, was: a) Steller Sunshine b) Katniss Everdeen c) Megan GossipGirl SL quiz question 33) The first few sims in SL open to the public were: a) 8 b) 12 c) 16 SL quiz question 44) In July 2003 the first revolt of SL users burst because: a) because of a taxes problem b) because of a connections problem c) due to limitations in role-playing games SL quiz question 55) The currency of Second Life, the Linden dollar, was introduced: a) in 2001 b) in 2003 c) in 2005 SL quiz question 66) The Teen Grid reserved for under age users remained open: a) from 2003 to 2009) b) from 2004 to 2010 c) from 2005 to 2011 SL quiz question 77) The teleport system that allows you to move from one to another sim in SL: a) has always been free b) is free for all from 2005 c) is free for premium users from 2005, for basic from 2006 SL quiz question 88) Rezzable Production in 2010: a) landed in SL opening 20 sims b) was already present in SL with 60 sims c) left SL to develope Heritage Key SL quiz question 99) Meshes were introduced over the entire platform SL: a) in August 2011 b) in September 2012 c) in October 2013 SL quiz question 1010) Burn2.0 (already known as Burning Life) is inspired by a real event known as: a) Burning Bright b) Burning Night c) Burning Man Have you been able to respond to all questions? We are sure you were, but below you will find the correct answers to test. If you wish to continue to follow Second Life and virtual worlds, continue to follow Mondivirtuali.it, aalso through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube). Answers: 1) b; 2) a; 3) c; 4) a; 5) b; 6) c; 7) b; 8) c; 9) a; 10) c

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