A balloon for Valentine’s Day

A balloon for Valentine’s Day

SoliDea Folies Palloncino for Love is in the airWe talk about sharing economy, network sharing and offline ideas can generate other ideas, of cultural contamination. Well, all this in Second Life is a phenomenon which occurs frequently, with results more or less successful, in fields ranging from events to the building, from photography to the virtual fashion.

Just this week, for example,  on her blog Mila Tatham, Italian owner and designer of fashion brand SoliDea Foliespresented a new version of its already famous Palloncino (Baloon) insipred by the shoes (the model is L’Amour Heelscreated by Turkish designer Giz Seorn (owner of fashion brand GizzA Creations) for the event Love is in the air conceived by Giz to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The same Palloncino was indeed created by Mila exclusive for Love is in the airevent being held February 7 to 14 in Second Life (but you can even follow the group on Flickrwith the participation of some of the most successful fashion brands in the Linden Lab‘s virtual world, each of which has created an outfit for the occasion, an accessory or an exclusive skin for Valentine’s Day.

love is in the airMy advice is to enjoy the event, following the teleport that you find at the end of this article, but also to study the manner in which in the economy of a virtual world like Second Life the best creatives were able to grow by sharing experiences, projects and contents.

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