Clet Abraham’s Naples

Clet Abraham’s Naples

There are artists who change the world we live in with monumental works, others who transform it almost imperceptibly. This is the case of Clet Abraham French street artist who became famous because he is able to “animate” anonymous road signs simply with the use of some stencils.

Abraham, who is active in Italy from the Nineties, has literally created an alternative route along Via dei Tribunali, in Naples, when in February 2014 he came to town to disseminate in different locations in the center of the town his works. Look for yourself, possibly live, because it is always the caveat of each work of street art: today there is, tomorrow may be removed, replaced by the work of another artist or damaged by vandalism: as for the digital art of the virtual worlds impermanence is one of the characteristics of this form of artistic expression (which is not always appreciated by courts).

Clet Abraham NaplesDoing street art means avoid authorities…

Clet Abraham NaplesDoing street art means have personality…Clet Abraham NaplesDoing street art means exhibit your work in bad weather and unforeseen

Clet Abraham NaplesDoing street art means having a lot of irony

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