Virtual Second Night is back

Virtual Second Night is back

Vsn January 2015January 2015 is already behind us and with the first month of the return online and on Second Life‘s newsstands of Virtual Second Night, magazine published by Edwardi Moseli (Edmose Group) and Carmy Sonatawhich employs twelve of reporters, photographers and contributors starting from the art director Nimoe Constantine (“I want to say, because I could not do this project all by yourself” point out Edwardi Moseli). To be true Virtual Second Night is the “son” of a couple of famous parents: Moseli started to publish at the end of 2011 the (Italian) magazine My Life, soon became My Virtual Life, then about a year and a half ago bought from Simone Peterman the (English) magazine Second Nighters Magazine (aka Second Nights). From the union of the two magazines was born the current Virtual Second Night, texts in English but also Italian writers including myself.

The magazine is distributed as said both in world” both on the web, through Issuu (you can download January issue from here), with a steady following of readers who download each issue about 700-750 copies from the web and more than double (1.700-1.800) directly inside the Linden Lab‘s platform. Also on Facebook, Twitter and Flickr, Edmose Group and Virtual Second Nights have witnessed, among its employees, some of best digital  “pens” of the metaverse, as well as having made use of the graphic work of photographers among the most popular. Vsn January 2015 Nimoe

Not wanting to reveal to you anything about the magazine (download it or display it online via Issuuit’s worth it whether you affect the latest news about gifts “hunts”, fashion, art and culture, technology or virtual sports, not to mention a wide selection of places to visit in Second Life), I would like to tell you, btw, how the graphic level of the magazine is high as we should expect from a magazine focused on a 3D virtual world which for years has made the graphics one of its strengths (even if some or the best 2014 games have now reached levels of cinematic realismbeing, however, in that case the graphics pre loaded in a DVD and not having to interact on the web through client-server architecture with contents created by users themselves).

To remember that in addition to Virtual Second Night (and before to My Virtual Life), Edmose Group has been involved in recent months in the project of a New Zealand university, Victoria University of Wellington, which led to the creation of a magazine made by New Zelanders students which through their own avatar moved within SL interviewing four different Italian professionals operating in the virtual world of Linden LabAll this is told inProgetto Second Life per l’Italiano L2.0” that you can download from Issuu too.

If the article has intrigued you, you have just to read the latest issue of Virtual Second Nights, then if you want to stay up to date on news about Edmose Group, continue to follow, also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on and on, as well as on Youtube).

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