Libertine art parks

Libertine art parks

Jeju Loveland libertine art parkThe fact that love can give rise to forms of art is well known as well as that eros can be that sort of a bit moreI have long advocated.

But whilst many have noted how3D technologies like Oculus Rift could give a boost to virtual reality thanks to hotplatform as Utherverse or Second Life itself, not everyone knows that is already open for years in Korea a theme park dedicated to love in all its forms, not only the most romantic, with statues and artistic representations rather libertine.

Libertine art park in Korea

Jejiu Loveland libertine art parkA park, Jeju Lovelandfor whose building work started in 2002 and which is open from November 16, 2004which displays 140 works of art (some of which you see in this article through the images seen on Pinterest) allowing, as official description, “where the imagination can run wild”.

Because even in this field the reality for the moment continues to fly the virtuality, Daily Mail notes that Taiwan wants to imitate Seoul and is preparing to open its own theme parkwhich will be called Romantic Boulevard and that unlike the Jeju Loveland besides heart-shaped archesa glass church, and an outdoor garden, decorated with erotic sculptures of people and animals in various loving positions“, will have a picnic area for wedding photos.

Do you love erotic art?

If you thought of being able to “make it strange” in Second Life or Jeju Loveland libertine art parkUtherverse, maybe you have it all wrongbut if you want to stay up to date on this and other topics related to art and virtual and augmented reality continue to follow, even through our account son Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on and on, as well as on Youtube).

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