10 games not to lose in 2015

10 games not to lose in 2015

If 2014 delivered excitement to video games fans with titles like Assassin’s Creed Unity, Far Cry 4 or Destiny, of which we already spoken, 2015 for the gaming world will be a year full of news, with the wait for the arrival of Halo 5 in the Fall that will be spaced by numerous debuts as early as February. We thought we’d show you the 10 new games, dozens of expected today at year end, which promise to give away most of all emotions. Let’s start with the first 5 in order of expected release, have a nice reading.

the order 1886

1. The Order: 1886 (for Playstagion 4, release date February 20, 2015)

In anvirtual world “alternative” to the true Victorian London, strongly steampunk but with continuous quotes of real historical events and characters, a group of knights known as The Order (created by none other than King Arthur in person) continues his secular fight against the “half-blood”, once human creatures who have undergone genetic mutations. Among them there are apparently also lycans and if the name you remember something, we suggest you go there to review the Underworld saga…

The Witcher 3

2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (for pc, Xbox One and Playstation 4, release date February 24, 2015)

In the third chapter of the saga developed by Cd Projekt Red there will be to discover  mysteries around every corner in a world ravaged by wared even larger of the two previous chapters (the game map appears 40 times larger than that of the second chapter). You can explore human settlements and villages, including the port city of Novigard and sail along the coast of the Northern Kingdoms, clashing with different monsters depending on the choices that you choose and the fact that you fight during the day or night.

Batman Harkam Knight

3. Batman: Arkham Knight (for pc, Xbox One and Playstation 4, release date June 2, 2015)

In the fourth and final chapter of the Batman: Arkham saga, developed by Rocksteady Studios and distributed by Warner Bros, Batman will have to defend a Gotham City much more realistic and detailed, and five times larger than in the previous chapter by a rich list of supervillains, all gathered in a cartel by Scarecrow (among others Penguin, Two-Face, Harley Quinn and The Riddler). Among the changes the chance to drive the stylish Batmobile designed by Rockstead, greater interaction opponents Batman with the surrounding environment and the appearance of the mysterious villain Arkham Knight.

Star Wars Battlefront

4. Star Wars: Battlefront (for pc, Xbox One and Playstation 4, release date September 30, 2015)

Sometimes they come back. After 11 years from the first Star Wars: Battlefront, at the time developed by Pandemic Studios for LucasArts, just before of the release of the new sequel Star Wars: The awakening of the Force, seventh episode of the hit series expected in full Christmas season in movie theaters around the world, Swedish Dice (already creator of the Battlefield series) resurface the same title for a new game that involves epic battles “Star Wars Style” on different iconic planets with the possibility to choose to play alongside Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire.

Halo 5

5. Halo 5: Guardians (for Xbox One, release date Fall 2015)

The fifth episode of the hit Halo saga, developed as Halo 4 by 343 Industries for Microsoft (while the first three historical titles were developed by Bungie, meanwhile passed to develop Destiny), was announced during the presentation of Microsoft at E3 2013 and a few days ago ended the multiplayer beta that began in late December 2014, while it is still waiting for the beta in Single Player. With Halo 4 resumed the adventures of Master Chief aka John-117, that continue even in this new chapter (like the previous a Fps, ie a “shooter” in first person). Coinciding with the arrival of the game in stores is expected also the debut of a television version of Halo in a series edited by Steven Spielberg.

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