Utherverse renewed with Oculus Rift

Utherverse renewed with Oculus Rift

It’s been nine months since Facebook bought for 2 billion dollars Oculus Rift, making Parlmer Luckey and Brendan Iribe two of the youngest multi-millionaires in history.

If this move was seen at the beginning as an attempt of Mark Zuckerberg to invest, in time, in the “next big thing” that could revolutionize the gaming industry (an activity that is increasingly important even for Facebook and social networks in general), so far the expectations related to the potential impact of the virtual world of a mass development of 3D devices focused on platforms for children and young people as Minecraft, Imvu or Second Life.

Also Utherverse look at virtual reality

Utherverse logo blackNow, however, as reported also by VentureBeat, there seem to be developments also regarding platforms targeted for adult audiences like Utherverse, which in recent days announced that soon its 3D virtual world, Red Light Center (Rlc) will run on the platform of virtual reality of Oculus Rift.

In Rlc users are used to simulate “hot” sessions even more than in Second Life and generally spend time with all kinds of fun for adults, an experience that now with the technology of Oculus Rift promises to be much more “immersiv” and “realistic” than has so far been by connecting in a network with a platform that, although developed in 3D graphics, is effectively filtered by the two-dimensional screen of devices such as Pcs, tablets or smartphones. Or at least that is what promises the number one of Utherverse, Brian Shuster (the past “pop-up prince” of which we already talked to you at Halloween)  in his interview for VentureBeat.

Shuster bets on VR adult content

Luke UtherverseThe new 2.0 release for Pc of Utherverse should debut on the platform of virtual reality of Oculus Rift by the end of the month, as announced at the Adult Video News (Avn) conference of Las Vegas last week, enhancing the appeal of the world’s Shuster that in its first ten years of life (it was launched in 2004), for VentureBeat, recorded 12.5 million registered users in the US and also through its network of franchisees in the rest of the world, for a total of 25 million registered users to date.

Numbers that disagree those stated previously by the same Shuster (who had spoken of 50 million users as a total) but remain an interesting starting point to try the true “mass market” appeal of Oculus Rift as well as a first potential test to assess the possibility of a revival of the entire field of immersive virtual worlds. Also according to Shuster it will be “a spectacular market for virtual reality” and a potential gold mine for Utherverse. Personally I am a little more skeptical, being the “gold rush” time largely behind the shoulders in Second Life and beyond.

Intel too believes in 3D

Maurizio RivaBut there is one thing to say: talking about with Maurizio Riva, Intel Sales Director Emea (Europe, Middle East and Africa, and area covering 80% of the total turnover of the American group), I was confirmed at the last CES in Las Vegas 3D technology has returned to become the main protagonist, between camcorders and 3D printers that promise many more fallout rather than only the “old” 3D tied to entertainment game consoles.

There will be possible, Riva explained to me, applications ranging from facial recognition up to “can see” jackets for the blind, from cameras with the ability to adjust the depth of field to give a real vision 3D image made up to geolocation services for drones with an accuracy and reliability hitherto unthinkable.

A remarkable gap between VR and AR

This new wave of technologies, devices and 3D applications will bridge the gap between virtual reality and augmented reality? This seems to be the direction that is taking the industry and Utherverse may just be the first platform to exploit the trend.

Shuster concluded his interview remembering how often the activities linked to eroticism have pioneered technological revolutions such as the internet, providing new technologies critical mass of users to make them really take off. It could happen again this time: basically there is only one thing in the world that pulls more than four horses, they are real or virtual.

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