10 hyper realistic images

10 hyper realistic images

Do you think that virtual worlds, whether they are immersive online platforms like Second Life, Imvu or Word of Warcraft, whether amazing videogames as Assassin’s Creed, Dragon Age or Destiny, are the environments with the most impressive graphics and realism more pronounced? That digital photographic art has now reached and surpassed in terms of detail painting and classic graphics on physical media?

Maybe you should think again, because there is a kind of painting, the hyper realism, that from the beginning of the XXI century is leaving everyone speechless for the incredible number of details and likeness to the real of the works of artists such as Omar Oroviz, Roberto Bernardi, Jason De Graaf, Alyssa Monks or Diego Fazio just to name some of the most famous in the world. We therefore decided to show you 10 fantastic Hyper realistic artworks we found on the internet (indicating to you the websites of the relevant artists where you can admire many other), but you are free to suggest other artists and other works. Remember that it is always either paintings or drawings, not of photographs nor of digital images. good vision!

1. Diego Fazio, aka Diego Koi (http://diegokoi.it), Sensazioni (pencils on paper 63x77cm, sold to a private collector in Singapore)

Diego Fazio Sensazioni

2.  Jason de Graaf (http://jasondegraaf.blogspot.it), A Wave of Refreshment (acrylic on canvas, 24×30 cm)

Jason de Graaf A Wave of Refreshment

3. Paul Lung (http://paullung.deviantart.com/gallery), MiuChu 4 (pencils on A2 paper, required about 60 hours to be realized)

Paul Lung Miu Chu 4

4. Erich Christensen (http://www.ericchristensenart.com), Golden Glow (water color on canvas, the original was sold to a private collector)

Erich Christensen Golden Glow

5. Omar Ortiz (http://www.omarortiz.com.mx), Roces (oil on canvas, 90×70 cm)

Omar Ortiz Roces

6. Paul Cadden (http://www.paulcadden.com), Scottish Landscapes (pencils of recycled paper)

Paul Cadden Scottish Landscapes

7. Roberto Bernardi (http://www.robertobernardi.com), L’Edicola (oli on canvas)

Roberto Bernardi l'Edicola

8. Nathan Walsh (http://www.nathanwalsh.net), Central Camera (oli on canvas, 69,5×103 cm, sold to a Us private collector)

Nathan Walsh Central Camera

9. Alyssa Monks (http://www.alyssamonks.com), Laughing Girl (oil on linen, 40x60cm)

Alyssa Monks Laughing Girl

10. Riusuke Fukahori (http://goldfishing.info), The Sun (acrylic and resin on a sushi oke, 10,2×41,3 cm, sold to a private collector)

Riusuke Fukahori The Sun

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