20 most read articles on Mondivirtuali.it in 2014

20 most read articles on Mondivirtuali.it in 2014


What were the 20 most read articles on mondivirtuali.it in 2014? Below you can see the ranking: please note how in the first ten places there are only articles in Italian (wich is not so strange, being Mondivirtuali.it an Italian project, LmS) , while the first of English articles is at the eleventh place. In all of the first 20 articles for pageviews just four are in English: our target now is to increase this number since next few weeks, so to make Mondivirtuali.it more and more a reference site for anyone interested in virtual worlds, gaming, digital art and virtual fashion, in Italy as all over the world!

20 most read articles of 2014 on Mondivirtuali.it:

1) Linden Lab: i conti tornano

2) Social game: ormai è boom

3) Mondi virtuali di scena da Modica a Salerno

4) 10 splendide costruzioni in Minecraft

5) Mappe storiche di Second Life

6) Skylanders vs Disney Infinity

7) Quando la creatività va dalla strada alla cucina

8) Gioelececed, umanista non solo virtuale

9) Arriva il concorso di Edizioni Volando

10) Con Blocksworld Linden Lab guarda a Minecraft

11) Gioelececed, not just a virtual humanist

12) Meryll Panthar: foto non per tutti

13) Virtual worlds on stage from Modica to Salerno

14) Historical maps of Second Life

15) The Lego Movie, animazione al top

16) Ydea: il business in SL è cambiato

17) Da Fantasia a Club Penguin

18) Vi presento Ydea

19) 8Designe si presenta

20) Avatars under Dmca attack

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