Melusina Parkin’s wrong pics

Melusina Parkin’s wrong pics

Melusina Parkin wrong pics December 29, 2014, it’s afternoon and I’m about to go home from office when a message sent to me by the crew of, tells me that Melusina Parkin, dear friend of mine who for years has dealt with Meb, well known Italian fashion brand in Second Life owned by Mariaelena Barbosa, well as her own brand of virtual furniture, Melu Deco, has just reported the opening of her new photo exhibition, in her gallery in Chelsea, in the virtual world of Linden Lab, entitled very curious: “Wrong Pics”.

Melusina Parkin not a wrong picI return home, settle dinner and the housework and I start to work at pc: I return after a few weeks of absence in the virtual world that saw the birth of Luciana Pinazzo almost eight years ago and continues to hold surprises and interesting ideas to those who go beyond the “lol” the “wanna fuck?”, kisses, hugs, greetings and chats to “virtual” friends.

I admired Melusina several times at work and often I spoke with her about fashion, virtual architecture, photography. She is an interesting person, as I have the opportunity to declare, and I do not doubt that this latest effort will be worth a visit.

Melusina Parkin wrong picSo here I am at Chelsea, in the gallery of Melusine that reminds me of another small exhibition area, that of Roberta Greenfield (the G-room which in 2008 hosted artists like Asian Ledved, Luce Laval or Solkide Auer), admiring images definetly not “wrong” but that, as explained by the same Melusine in a note, are the result of a painstaking selection, rethinking and editing which allowed to bring out a meaning that each subject could inspire in the viewer, thanks to the extreme manipulation of textures.

Melusina Parkin wrong picWhat to say: to me Melusina Parkin’s images rarely disappoint, so it is no surprise that I found interesting this beautiful show, very different from the latest, equally interesting, exhibitions of the artist. But you go to see them in person or ammiratele on Flickr.

And of course, continue to follow, even through the account on Twitter and the fanpage on Facebook not only (but also) to read my article, and remember that Mondivirtuali is also on Flickr, on Pinterest, on and on, as well as on Youtube. And as of now, have a Happy New Year, of course.

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