5 unforgettable Christmas movies

5 unforgettable Christmas movies

Between Christmas and New Year even on social networks and on virtual worlds there plenty of snowy locations, Santa hats, brightly colored decorations and lights.

But Christmas means above all family party and afternoons spent at the cinema, all together, passionately. Here then, is our Christmas “top five” of the best fantastic movies of all times, which we hope will please you.

A Christmas Carol the classic of the classics

christmas carol

A Christmas Carol, of Charles Dickens, is undoubtedly the most cited tale by Christmas movies of all time. At Mondivirtuali.it we like, among the many editions, the 2009 one directed by Robert Zemeckis made using Cgi graphic (which we have already talked about regarding The Lego Movie), using in particular the technique of motion capture (already used by Zemeckis for another Christmas movie, Polar Express, of 2005).

The movie, distributed by Buena Vista (Disney Company group) grossed worldwide over 325 million dollars (plus about 65 million dollars more from the sales of DVDs and Blue-rays) but with a budget of 190 million dollars, while Polar Express grossed 310 million dollars having costonly” 165 million dollars.

Among the “gems” of the movie, played by Jim Carrey (in part of both Ebenezer Scrooge both Haunted) a quote by E.T., guess which one? (a little help: the sequence has been cited several times in other films and cartoons, for instance by Futurama).

Christmas seen with the eyes of the Grinch


If you prefer less sentimental films, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, directed in 2000 by Ron Howard and performed again by Jim Carrey, is for you.

The movie, produced and distributed by Universal Pictures (Comcast group), based on the book of Dr. Seuss, grossed 345 million dollars (nearly 391 million if the data is reported in current dollars) having cost 123 million dollars and perhaps more than other “classic” makes us reflect on the true meaning of Christmas, which consists not only in the exchange of gifts under the tree.

Even the “Whos” of “Whoville” (characters who return eight years later in Horton Hears a Who!, another animated film, this time not at all Christmas, always comes from the stories of Dr. Seuss and directed for 20th Century Fox by Jimmy Hayward, which grossed over 297 million dollars, having costjust” 85 millions) discovered it!

A nightmare Christmas

Nightmare before Christmas Xmas

According to someone also Nightmare Before Christmas, directed by Tim Burton (of which we have already discussed in the first part of Halloween special – the movies) can be considered a Christmas movie, although decidedly “alternative” and perhaps for this reason not too much rewarded at the box office, having grossed 75 million dollars in 1993, that is about one hundred million dollars in current terms but in the face of a very “tight” budget (about thirty million dollars of which about 18 million spent to produce it and a dozento promote it ).

All in all it remains, correctly, a cult movie and a great artist proof, as well as the display on the big screen in a fantasy world like few, so we insert it willingly even in our Christmas ranking (besides Halloween).

Five guardians at work, including Santa Claus

Rise of the guardians - North

Only partially a Christmas movie, but definitely also a Christmas movie, is in our opinion the Rise of the Guardians if only for the happy ending and the presence of a cheerful Jack Frost next to North-Santa Claus (voiced in the original film by Alec Baldwin, and the other four “guardians”).

An animated movie directed by Peter Ramsey for Paramount (the movie, based on the works by American author William Joyce, was realized by Dreamworks Animation) that in 2012 he got a good success, with about 307 million dollars gross versus a budget of 145 millions.

If you love to fantasize about toys factory of the North Pole, will be a pleasure to discover those who work there and who “really” (so to speak) make it.

For lovers of miracles in black and white

miracle on 34th street

If we want to broaden our vision from the animated film or where computer graphics and costumes play an important role and go see a classic, we can not conclude that our Christmas ranking with what is perhaps the most famous Christmas movies of all time.

Miracle on 34th Street, 1947 movie directed for 20th Century Fox by George Seaton which earned to Edmund Gwenn, the Kriss Kringle-Santa Claus of the movie, an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in the following year (as well as an Oscar for the Best Subject to Valentine Davies and an Oscar for Best Screenplay to the same George Seaton).

The movie, inserted in 2005 in the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress of the United States, has also seen a remake made in 1994, frequently also broadcast on Italian television, directed by Les Mayfield and with Richard Attenborough in the role of Kris Kringle-Santa.

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