10 fantastic buildings in Minecraft

10 fantastic buildings in Minecraft

I must admit, in recent weeks along with my son Davide I’m really into Minecraft, that in addition to being a successful game at the boys around the world (according to the counter Minecraft.net  buyers of just the PC / Mac releases were at the end of 2015 over 21.65 millions, while the total number of sales exceeded 60 millions and that of the users has long over 100 millions) continues to offer enormous possibilities the best content creators, that can create and distribute “custom map” (ie additional maps that can be downloaded from the internet and added to the base of the Mojang’s virtual world) and insert buildings in Minecraft of any kind.

Minecraft, 10 buildings to admire

Some of these buildings are truly spectacular, whether arising in individual projects and collaborative. Today I want to show you 10 amazing buildings made by Minecraft’s fans.

The golden city

Golden City -MinecraftLet’s start by The Golden City developed by the German player Sanakan Soryu or “San” initially with the idea of recreating the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but which is then grown far beyond.

The Air Kingdom

Air Kingdom - MinecraftAnother beautiful fantasy city is The Air Kingdom, a flying city (with its vessels, in turn able to sail the skies) made by Ka2stgo, author among other things of even more “realistic” buildings such as a Louvre Palace and several churches and castles.

King’s Landing

Minecrat - King's landingA collaborative project organized by Cyborgratchet is instead King’s Landing, ie the replica of the capital of the seven kingdoms of “Game of Thrones”, the famous television series of Hbo; to Cyborgratchet are also due Winterfell and The Dreadfort, always inspired by the same television series.

Minas Tirith

Minas Tirith MinecraftIf you love “classic” fantasy, try to visit the Minecraft version of Minas Tirith, the “white tower” which one speaks in “The Return of the King” of J.R.R. Tolkien and that had already inspired Weta Workshop artists, New Zealand company founded in 1987 by Richard Taylor which sees the director Peter Jackson (author of the successful film trilogy Lord of the Rings) among its main shareholders.

The cinematographic Minas Tirith

MinasTirith - WetaThe comparison between the model in Minecraft by Cornbass and that achieved by New Zealand artists is really difficult, which one do you prefer?

Moria’s cave

Moria - MinecraftIf you love Tolkien but, what the heck, you think about Minecraft you have to dig mines, try to take a look at Moria mines reconstructed by the French team of Eventime (eight builders engaged for 3 weeks in the development).

City Building Project

City Building Projet - MinecraftDo you love the realistic reconstructions? Then the collaborative project managed by Rikkuness, City Building Project, in which they emerge clear influences of contemporary New York and Chicago, is for you.

Reinassance Styled Town

Reinassance Town MinecraftBut a platform as Minecraft also allows to space in time and to reconstruct, for example, a Gothic cathedral, as with the Reinassance Styled Town managed by Crpeh.

Santiago de Compostela cathedral

Santiago Compostela - MinecraftIf you like cathedrals, Roi_Louis has one for you truly exceptional, which took more than two months of full work (on average 5 hours per day): that of Santiago de Compostela.

Frozen castle

Arendelle - MinecraftIf instead you prefer more “cool” location you can always opt for Arendelle, the fictional Norwegian town immortalized by “Frozen” of Disney Company. The Minecraft version has required its implementer, ilikutepeople, a month of hard work but the result is truly remarkable.

Nasa Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle - MinecraftLast but not least, if you like space but want to stay down to earth without too let your imagination run wild, you can always visit one of the many Space Shuttles reconstructed by the builders of Minecraft. I like particularly that of Sws2012, but if you search the web you can find also others.

Did you like these 10 large buildings in Minecraft or you would have selected other works (see for example in the community Minecraft Building)? We await your opinion in the comments here on Mondivirtuali.it, but please follow us and commente also through our account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on Pinterest, on Scoop.it and on Paper.li, as well as on Youtube).

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