Halloween special – the movies

Halloween special – the movies

Meryll Panthar HalloweenThis is Halloween, this is Halloween”, sing in chorus the citizens of Halloween Town in the imaginative Tim Burton‘s movie “The Nightmare Before Christmas”. Like every year Halloween is leading many  Second Life and other virtual worlds creatives to realize new images, costumes, accessories and anything else to celebrate the feast of All Saints, as for instance did Meryll Panthar, artist of whom Mondivirtuali  recently told you who realized in this latest days some definitely “macabre” images, no less elegant than usual. But what are the ten films, including animated films, which more than any other have celebrated Halloween and its ghoulish characters, from vampires to demons, from ghosts to zombies, from witches to killers clowns? Let’s start with the first five.

Chernabog HalloweenIn the first place it is impossible not to remember Fantasia, the famous masterpiece of Walt Disney which sees among its episodes “Night on Bald Mountain”, famous symphonic poem of Modest Petrovic Musorgskij. To be true Bald Mountain in Ucraina (and the composition refers to St. John’s Eve, i.e. a night between June 21 and June 25) and the Russian composer, inspired by some of the legends and folk tales, uses it as the background for an infernal Sabbath which sees various summoned spirits, witches and ghosts awakened by Chernabog, who is the Disney version of the Devil, one of the most impressive “villanis” ever created by the imagination of the father of Mickey Mouse, based on Slavic deity, whose name means black god. Chernabog has not been confined only in this famous film, but it has also made its appearance in both the video game series Kingdom Hearts, in some episodes of the cartoon series House of Mouse, in particular in the special Halloween of the series (Mickey’s House of Villain), where you can hear his voice, and even in a number of Dyland Dog (the 56th) appearing in one of the final tables of Tiziano Sclavi‘s toon.

Nightmare before Christmas HalloweenThe second place goes to the right at the same The Nightmare Before Christmas, stop motion animation film of 1993 directed by Henry Selick created and produced by Tim Burton. In the movie is a Halloween pumpkin one of the doors that can be found at the base of the Trees of Festivities: one that allows entry into the magical world of Halloween Town, where live all the monsters of this Holiday, starting from the “Pumpkin King”, Jack Skeletron, that in an attempt to replace Santa Claus (or Sandy Claws in the “Halloweenian” version) ends up getting into trouble and take the risk to clear the same Christmas, before realizing the error (however, made ​​in good faith) release Santa Claus from Mr Oogie Boogie and devote himself to the feast of Halloween, happy that Halloween Town citizens have since come to understand also the true spirit of Christmas. Note that Halloween Town is one of several locations of the Kindgom Hearts game, versions in which appear “Halloweenian” versions of Donald, Goofy and Sally, that in the course of their mission will also meet Jack Skeletron and Mr Bau Bau.

Simpsons HalloweenEach year the festival of Halloween also found the The Simpsons committed to celebrate it through the annual special “Treehouse of Horror”. The episode was introduced in the second season to be broadcast on time every year on the evening of October 31precisely on the evening of Halloween. The episodes are divided into three short stories in which the Simpsons are involved in stories completely disconnected from the main series and see them that often in the role of demons, witches, werewolves, zombies or other monsters. Are usually used for the “monster” characters whose features are closest to it (Mister Burns is a credible vampire) or on the contrary appear to the opposite (the very Christian Ned Flanders played none other than the part of Satan on Treehouse of Horror XVIII). This year for Treehouse of Horror XXV the Simpsons, in addition to various tributes to Stanley Kubrik, will meet multiple versions of themselves, each other similar to the protagonists of the animated series (from South Park  to Pokemon, from Minions of Despicable Me, to their version The Lego Movie-style, movie of which we have already spoken).

Corpse Bride HalloweenThe fourth place is awarded to the “Corpse Bride”, another masterpiece of Tim Burton (and Mike Johnson) of 2005 which as The Nightmare Before Christmas is made in stop-motion, but in this case using digital cameras. Inspired by the jew-Russian version of an older Jewish folktale, the Corpse Bride is a film that does not quote directly Halloween, but harks back to many classic animation movies from Silly Symphony – The Skeleton Dance (made by Walt Disney in 1929) to Cinderella (always from Walt Disney), up to the same The Nightmare Before Christmas, with which the Corpse Bride seems to have in common at least the forest. The Victorian atmosphere, plenty of dead bodies and the presence of Bonejangles as “front skeletron” the jazz band that plays many songs for the soundtrack of the flim (realized as in The Nightmare Before Christmas by Danny Elfman) make the Corpse Bride an ideal movie for a “quiet evening of fear” in front of the television the night of October 31st.

Sleepy Hollow HalloweenFifth place for “Sleepy Hollow”, another Tim Burton’s movie (always him!), this time of 1999, inspired by the novel “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by the American writer Washington Irving, of 1820. The headless horseman in the film played by Christopher Walken, wanders on Halloween night (in the original short story every night) on horseback in search of a head near the church and the cemetery of the sleepy valley. Research that (in the story) the knight turns into a hunt for the school teacher Ichabod Crane, that at the end he capture by throwing a “Jack O’ Lantern” (while in the film is Crane that returns the head, or rather the skull, to the ghost of the knight whom regained its original appearance is launched in the heart of the tree of the dead dragging into hell, with him, the evil Lady Van Tassel). The figure of the headless horseman had already enjoyed years before Walt Disney, whom in 1949 had achieved its own “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” putting it together “The Wind in the Willows” in the animated musical feature “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad”. Since September 2013 Sleep Hollow has also become a television series broadcasted in America by Fox, set to the present day with Tom Mison in the role of a revived Ichabod Crane and the horseman who “reveals” himself to be one of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse.

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