Do you know Doll Divine

Do you know Doll Divine

Doll Divine Ola RogulaHave you ever heard of Doll Divine? If not, you should. It is an online game developed by Ola Rogula, a thirty year old Canadian of Polish origin who for some years engaged in the development of “indie” gamea (i.e. not developed by one of the world major) which can remember for certain traits the most famous PaperdollHeaven or Stardoll, online commuities for girls of which already told you, for other ways reminiscent of artistic online communities such as Deviantart.

Doll Divine was created as a safe place for people of all ages (but mainly girls between 14 and 25 years, with the highest concentration in the range 14-17 years) who want to explore their creative side, a new electronic version of traditional paper dolls games, with which share the basic concept of “dress up” charachters which every “dolls creator” shown on Doll Divine (and frequently on Deviantart too) allows you to completely customize, such as clothing, but also as skin color, hair, eyes, and physical characteristics of the face etc, so that each user can have it on their similarity.

The main categories that comprise the community are dedicated to dozens of images of female characters (but there is even some boy) fantasy themed, but you can even find fashion dolls, folk, historic or inspired to famous faces of fashion, cinema, television or media in general. More over in the section “behind the scenes” are presented previews of some “indie” games in flash that are coming on the market and that Ola has selected from the internet.

DollDivine DinogeddonOk, everything is cool, but how can Ola earn (except that with the advertising on the site)?

It’s possible to register and create your own profile once activeted which you can always became premium subscriber at decidedly modest cost of 1 Us Dollar monthly, in exchange for being able to upload in the Doll Divine community your own “dolls”, post comments on the website, access the beta testing, have access to some data (such as being able to know who is following you) and view the site without advertising.

By the way, if you are a blogger, a Tumblrer or write reviews and have a wide following, Ola under signaling could allow yourself to become a Premium Referral without you having to pay anything (and having the same access to the benefits of premium subscribers). To do so, however, you’ll have to report your blog/fanpage/tumblr or anything else to Divine Dolls and generating a traffic of at least 10,000 unique visitors.

In the meantime follow on the website as well as through our  account on Twitter and our fanpage on Facebook (but remember: Mondivirtuali is even on Flickr, on and on

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