10 Final Fantasy little secrets

10 Final Fantasy little secrets

Final Fantasy X / X-IIIf you are fans of virtual worlds and videogames you should well know “Final Fantasy” and maybe you think to know everything about the famous saga (which inspired a digital animation movie of which Mondivirtuali.it has already spoken) created for Square (from 2003 Square Enix) by Hironobu Sakaguchi, probably the most famous Japanese video game designer, director and producer, who has had an active role in the development of the series until the ninth chapter (on the fifteen chapters through which has so far unfolded the whole story). But maybe you still don’t known some little curious things of Final Fantasy, so let’s discover them.

Final Fantasy: 10 curiosities about it

The name “Final Fantasy” derived from the very first idea that this video game could be the latest work by Square: a wrong prediction seen that the success, lasting over the years, led to the realization of the fourteen sequels (the most recent, the fifteenth chapter, has yet to be deployed even if you have already shown some trailers, the latest at the Tokyo Game Show 2014).

In Final Fantasy VI the main character should have been a boy of about twenty years, but the idea was scrapped in favor of the female character Terra Brandford (half human, half Esper, with the innate gift of magic).

In the same episode, the character of Sabin Rene Figaro (twin brother of Edgar Roni Figaro and like him potential heir to the throne of Figaro Castle, which btw has given up to become a student of martial arts) would have to be drawn with a beard and mustache, assumptions fall in favor of a version of the character perfectly shaved.

In the next Final Fantasy VII appears a portrait of Hironobu Sakaguchi himself hanging on to an inner wall of a house in Rocket Town.

The Buster sword used by the character of Cloude Strife (a guy who thinks he’s a former member of the military corps of Soldier and which represents one of the most famous characters of the whole saga, the protagonist of Final Fantasy VII) should have appeared only in the tenth episode of the series, but was then brought forward to the seventh chapter. A decision definitely successful because it has become one of the most famous weapons of the whole universe of Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy XIIIAbout the tenth chapter: in the Usa release of the game Yuna (a seventeen year old girl with the powers of summoner able to invoke the Aeons) tells Tidus (the seventeen year old boy protagonist of the episode) that she loves him, while in the Japanese release she simply thank him for the help he has provided her.

Tidus is also the only main character in an episode of the series to disappear before the end of the episode itself (so that in the sequel, Final Fantasy X-2, place two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, Yuna will go to his research, being able to finally find him, but with the ability for the player to opt for three different endings more or less happy or sad).

One of the most “unlucky” episodes of the saga was Final Fantasy IX: not only it has arrived on the market with the Playstation version a few weeks after Sony kicked off the Playstation 2, but has also what is so far considered the worst official guide to the game strategy.

In addition for the French version it was necessary to rename the main character, Zidane Tribal, in Djidane because it seemed too similar to that of the ace of French football, Zinedine Zidane.

On the other hand Final Fantasy X was the first title to use a “voice acting” (that is a voice actor who gives voice to a character).

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